First time Ev owner :|

Hey all, getting my first EV delivered on friday. Just wondering how everyone found the transition from normal car to an ev?

I found the transition much easier than I ever expected, I’d never driven an automatic at any point in my life and that was an adjustment but now I don’t think I could ever go back either to ICE or to manual gears !!

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Hello @Snedz1989! Welcome to Onto!

I think in terms of physical driving aspect as @KineticHaze mentions, it is pretty much the same transition as a manual to an automatic, (we all slammed on the break with our left foot as we slow down for some traffic lights right?)

There is a bit of a mindset change when it comes to charging etc

Which car did you go for?
Do you have charging at home or work?
Are you planning on using the car for commuting or mostly pleasure?

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I found it easy, the bit I find difficult is driving our Kia diesel which is quite hard and feels like stepping back to a vintage car.

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Yeah I can imagine it would be for so long my left leg wanted to do things but now I think it would Rebel at the thought of having to do things again. I’ve not driven an ICE or manual since April now and I’m not in any rush to go back to manual

Yeah transition was fine for me, except when I jumped in one of my work vans to move them and didn’t know how to drive :joy:


Good to know! Will be a bit odd finally driving an automatic lol I went for the peugot e-208. Hired the 3008 last month and quite liked their new design and wanted to give an eV a go before buying my next car.
I’ll be charging at home and work as there’s a free charger round the corner.
Be used for commute and pleasure. Pretty much all you can do the now is drive, work and walk :sweat_smile:

Has anyone had a home charger installed? :thinking:

I Haven’t due to the way my house is set up vs parking. But my recommendation to friends and family that have needed one is Pod Point. So far they have all had a positive experience from them, and the pricing was reasonable.

I Suggest you call ONTO (Press the button for new customers) and double check that they can’t do you a 6 month contract so you qualify for the grant, otherwise getting a Pod Point installed will be expensive. If you can’t get the grant, then it may be a case of just buying a cheap basic Rolec unit yourself and asking your trusted electrician to fit it for you for the cheapest solution without a grant.

Other option would be an outdoor 32A commando socket installed by your electrician, and then getting a 7kW Ohme commando cable for example.

It’s worth checking all 3 to see what will work out the cheapest for you. There’s quite a lot of variation in prices.

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My first day was a rollercoaster!
First 2hours amazing!! Wish I’d done it sooner.
Then I noticed my 200miles of range had disappeared in 90miles!
I had 14 miles left and needed a charger.
The first one I arrived at was no longer there :see_no_evil:
I downloaded Zap-Map and found another nearby I was now down to 4 miles.
When I arrived at this charger it was iced (petrol car parked there) the hotel said the car had been there a few days :flushed:
So off I went to the next charger 9miles away, with my range saying 0 miles.
I cried, I panicked, I swore, I phoned my mam to see if she could get my old petrol car back :joy:
I arrived at the charger, it worked and all was forgotten (sort of!) :joy::joy::joy:

Honestly I’m 7months in now, I know all the chargers within 30miles of my house and loving it!!
I don’t charge at home so solely rely on ONTO !


Yes, great point there @Pinky_Ponk! You learn to read the range with a pinch of salt. In my Zoe, I have seen it say 250miles when fully charged, but I know the reality is 180miles is the max (on a hot day!).

Another learning curve, just because your car, and the charger you found can charge at a certain speed, it doesn’t mean they will! It all depends on how much charge the car has, and the temperature. Generally speaking, the car will charge fastest when the battery is hot and empty!

Sounds like day to day charging shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you then!

Just to throw something else into the mix, it might be worth at looking at chargers that have some sort of smart capability too… especially if you are on, or can get onto an electrify tariff for EV owners. These generally provide reduced price electricity at certain times of day, and some even offer integrations with chargers that then charge when the electricity is at its cheapest.

This is a great idea, and I think makes a lot of sense, as you can then upgrade / swap your charger without having to get a spark back. (I am sure they would ask anyway, but just make sure they know what you are planning on using the socket for, so they can ensure that the supply is suitable for an EV charger)


Thankfully most EVs I’ve seen these days have their own charging timers meaning you can save on the need for a smart charger.

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