First impressions of the Zoe gt line

Glad you got your Zoe and that you’re happy with it!

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to there not being any noise when you turn the car on and pull away from the kerb, it constantly feels like I’m in the future

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Yes, the silence on start up is very strange to get used to. I find myself double checking that I have actually started the car :joy:. I’m sure it won’t take too long to get used to the change though. It’s certainly a world away from the 10 plate Vauxhall Astra petrol engine I was driving before.

Wait til you see the new lineup of cars coming on the market - which Tesla have been doing for a while. No start button at all. Unlock, it’s Ready to go. Foot on brake, select drive… go.
Finnished? Foot on brake, get out of car. Lock. Car is Off.
That will really play with your is the car on or off OCD :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Having a power/start stop button is luxury at the moment.


Your i3 is in the minority there since the pedestrian warning system was an optional extra that Onto did not add. Most other EVs have this as standard and as soon as you start moving there is a noise.

As soon as you switch to one of those models you’ll very quickly start to miss the silence!

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Looking forward to the EV journey. So far so good…:grin:


Am not looking forward to having to hand her back at some point!!

Well I have some good news. You may get to hold on to it for a little longer than you first thought!

I’ve been assigned a 19 Plate car coming next month. Had a brief E-Mail conversation with Carol last week and they confirmed for me that despite the old registration I should be able to keep it for at least 6 Months from delivery to Onto considering removing it from the fleet.

I Suspect they are pushing the age limits a little right now to help keep up with huge demand. Looking at the booking system today it’s very bare! And for my region specifically it’s even more limited - A ZE50 Zoe or nothing.

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Ah that’s great news. Particularly as our car only has 8,5 mi on the odo would be nice to hold on to it for a while longer! :heart:

Had a go at my first rapid charge tonight at the ionity chargers near me. Very easy and straight forward, I was nervous in case I somehow did something wrong and messed it up but I can relax now I know how easy it is :grin:


I like the huge vertical light-up bar on the front of the Ionity chargers, so you know at a glance how charged the car is!

When I turned up at the Ionity chargers at Leeds Skelton Lake a couple of weeks ago, all six were occupied, but the huge charge indicator meant I could see which car was nearly full and thus likely to leave soonest :slight_smile:

Love that red colour, it’s really vibrant!

EDIT: By the way, I asked ONTO about those barcode stickers on my Zoe and they told me that I could remove them; apparently they should have been removed before delivery :+1:

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I agree, the light on these chargers is very handy.

I love this red colour, I was unsure about it when I placed my booking as I was initially going to order white but my kids talked me into the red one as they wanted a more exciting colour, they said because my last two cars were both silver which was boring :joy:

Thanks for the info about the stickers. I’ll take them off when I give it a wash and polish over the weekend.

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For defo I think the Flame red is the best colour for the Zoe hands down. The purple comes in a close second but I don’t think ONTO has any of those?

The Onto Zoe ZE50 Color options are:

Diamond Black
Glacier White
Quartz White
Highland Gray
Titanium Gray
Celadon Blue
Zircon Blue
Flame Red

The purple you are talking about is called Aconite. It’s the one and only color that Renault offer the Zoe in but Onto don’t stock. It does seem rather odd and I wonder why they haven’t got any.

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Bloody outstanding. Just done a M4 run and got 167 miles out of the Zoe at a steady 69mph even with it pouring with rain, lights on and windscreen wipers going like mad and A/C on to keep the windscreen mist at bay. This car has really impressed me. A brilliant first EV for newbies who are worried about range anxiety. I was a little sceptical to begin with as I usually have done this trip with a P100D Model X and it breezes through with the network so reliable etc and double the range of the Zoe…. But polar recently have just been awful I was a little worried. But I got to my destination basically with 20% remaining about 42miles spare. Ended up in a country pub car park with a rapid charger which is really lightening fast! So very odd where this rapid is…… but I’m so damn thankful for it! Ha.


I’d love to try one of those P100Ds