First impressions of the Zoe gt line

I’ve got to say after having the 208e gt line and the 208e gt 2021 model and the ds3 cross back I’ve got to say the Zoe is a far better car than any of these it’s not the best looking but it drives better and mileage is out of this world even come with a wireless charger was shocked was thinking of going back to the 208e but after taking delivery of this today I think I’m staying with the Zoe £400 a month and better mileage and more features who else feels the same about the Zoe


Also just one more thing does any one know if the Zoe comes with live traffic and how you switch on data sharing as mine is greyed out I’ve set app up just waiting for authorisation I’ve even driven 50 miles but still can’t turn data sharing to yes position anyone can help

If your Zoe is brand new (as mine was), it took a day or two for the data sharing to start to work. If you go to the “My Contracts” setting in the “My Renault App” after first having registered the car via its VIN, make sure all the connected services are showing as “Active” rather than “Pending”. If any still show as “Pending” then check again a few hours down the line.

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I’ve not driven either the DS3 or e-208, but I do agree that the Zoe feels like a very solid, well screwed together car. It feels smooth, quiet and planted. It’s never going to be the last word in handling or poise, but that probably wasn’t really the design brief.

I did a long trip last weekend and used two Osprey chargers, two Ionity chargers three FastNed chargers and even an Instavolt charger and all sessions worked flawlessly. All in all a pretty comfortable experience.

One minor complaint I do have with the car is that the QR/RFID tag thing has been stuck slap bang in the middle of the drivers’ window which is highly irritating. Firstly, it catches my peripheral vision all the time which is quite distracting whilst driving and secondly, it looks like a bird has deposited a mess down the window from the outside of the car. It’s probably not too good for the seal along the bottom of the window either because it catches as the window winds up and down. Is it normal for it to be stuck in such a ridiculous place?

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Yea mine was new I’m charging now at shell and it’s charging fast on a 50watt so happy days think I will stick with the Zoe until something new comes along worth the money ds3 £529 not worth it and the Peugeot are lovely looking cars but mileage is still a issue 5 stars for the Zoe for me

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Thanks yea it all says active so hopefully it will activate soon thanks

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Having driven the Zoe first, and switched to the 208, I prefer the Peugeot.

Looks way better IMHO, better storage cubbies, slicker implementation of CarPlay, more fun to drive, and eco mode is perfectly useable (it isn’t in the Zoe).

There’s a few things I miss about the Zoe - walk away locking, auto-hold in traffic, generally better infotainment screen (I have the older 208).

The Zoe obviously has better range, but on long journeys the Peugeot is actually quicker due to the charging speed.


I honestly gave up with the live traffic and Renault app stuff it still says it’s pending 3 months after trying to activate it. Useless. I use Waze anyways. Far better for traffic etc, not so concerned about Charging level as I leave overnight for full charge mostly. If I’m charging at a rapid I don’t really leave the car.

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Absolutely love mine. It arrived last week absolutely brand new. Not managed to make pre-conditioning work, I need to read more carefully those bits of the manual. It’s surprisingly roomy, comfy and civilised as well. Do find having to use the infotainment system a bit fiddly for music. Need to grasp better the steering wheel controls I suspect. It’s a great little car.

Can I ask what problems you had? Never had a problem with the Zoe eco mode and have gotten used to using one pedal so much quicker than I thought I would.

I suppose personal taste really.

I found eco mode in the Zoe to be so degraded that I couldn’t put up with it. Not confident pulling onto roundabouts or fast roads.

The 208, I’m perfectly happy in eco mode most of the time, and sport mode is positively sporty.

In my opinion, the Eco mode on the Zoe is set wrong for the UK. Around town is it fine, it is on faster roads it is an issue and I have to turn it off.

With it on and you are travelling at 60-65 and need to speed up, you press your foot down slightly and nothing happens, press down harder you get a definite change in pedal pressure and it surges forward. Really off-putting so have to turn Eco off on faster roads.

Other minor annoyances with the Zoe, but not enough for me to consider swapping.

  1. Glovebox too small so nowhere to store the manual in the car.
  2. Button on the steering wheel too easy to press so can end up pressing them whilst manoeuvring.
  3. Only place for the driver to store their phone is the wireless charge pad, which then displays a remove object error if your phone is not wireless, and if you plug a charging cable in the phone then overhangs the charging pad.
  4. Sat Nav, which is really good, is out of date by at least 6 months. Real issue in London with a load of recent road changes,. Nearly ended up with tickets as it was sending me down Low Traffic Neighbour street. So use Google instead but this does not know the range so does not calculate a route with charge points. Also brings me back to point 3.
  5. When fully charges and in B mode is displayed a warning, press OK to clear it, but if you then switch from forward to reverse, it brings the warning back up!

Also, seems to be an issue with BP rapid chargers charging slowly. If I put it on charge on a BP one (have tried 3 different ones) seem to get less charge than when charging on another network.

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There’s a small pouch on the back, side of the passenger seat. That’s generally where I keep the manual and stuff like that. The reason why the glovebox is so small is because of the fusebox. Renault were lazy and didn’t bother moving it to the other side when making a RHD Configuration.


The 208 suffers with the exact same issue.

I put the manual in the pocket behind one of the front seats too

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Does anyone systematically carry around their granny? Just keep the manual with that indoors. When was the last time you consulted it while on the move?

I think I’d lose the manual if I did that so I’d rather leave it there for when it gets returned to Onto just in case! Granny is hanging up on the wall in the garage.

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Poor old Granny! :man_bald::older_woman::sob::sob:


I took delivery of my Zoe GT line in flame red this afternoon. Took the kids out for a drive in it after school and we all love it. It’s such a nice car to drive, though it’s very odd for me driving automatic as I’ve driven only manual petrol engines since I passed my test way back in 1997 :joy:. Definitely made the right decision to go with the Zoe though, I’m a very happy customer.


Have to say the flame red in the sunlight really does pop. I think it’s the best colour of the lineup. :+1:

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