First EV being delivered tomorrow

Hey guys I have my first EV being delivered tomorrow between 9-1pm (hopefully they will be on time ) I’m down near Cornwall so not really sure how the delivery all works, we live in the middle of no where with no bus route nearest is 5 miles away so worried how the delivery guy driving the car will get back ? Will I need to give him a lift to the bus etc ?

I’m worried that I’m goin to find it difficult to drive is there any tips?

Anything I need to prepare today to be ready ?

Thank you

What car did you pick specifically? You should find it very easy to drive. The only things to note are that you may need to take a while to get used to the silence, and also that you have no gears. If it’s your first time in an auto just remember to consciously keep your left foot out of the way until you get used to it.

You have absolutely no obligation to offer transport to the delivery driver. They have their own plans in place to get back to where they need to be, and especially in the current climate it wouldn’t be advisable to share the car with them to take them somewhere.

Watch out for a text from Gefco tomorrow morning with a tracking link to watch your car coming to you. The 9-1 Time slot isn’t guaranteed, but hopefully they will get it to you in good time.

If you haven’t already arranged excess insurance and would like it, today is your last chance to buy if you want immediate coverage. Insurance4CarHire is the popular choice amongst us here. Take a look and see if it would be of any use to you.

Do you have a link for the insurance and what I am clicking on? On the website I am looking at saying for Europe ? Thanks you

That’s the one.
The United Kingdom is still in Europe, just not the EU.

“Our Europe policy covers car hires in Europe, including the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Iceland, islands in the Mediterranean, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Canary Islands, Madeira, and the Azores. Please note, however, that it does not cover the Region of Crimea.”

Thanks you sorry if I seem thick lol

The only things I’d add to what Koda is saying is that it may take a short time to get used to the one pedal driving. This is because electric cars regenerate some of the kinetic energy back into charge. You’ll notice the car slows itself sown slightly when you lift off the accelerator. Depending on which vehicle you’ve chosen, some cars have stronger “regen” than others and there may even be settings to play with once you get more adventurous!

The other thing to do is to have a practice charge way before you need it. Use zapmap to find your nearest charger {preferably one that is free to use with your shell or BP pulse cards) and have a go at using it before you get low on charge as you might start to panic if you’re too low on charge and you encounter problems with the charger or aren’t sure what to do.

Have fun!

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Just to make it easier to find on Zap Map, this is the complete list of free charging options:
CYC (Charge Your Car)
BP Pulse
Shell Recharge
New Motion
Alfa Power
EV Box
Franklin LiFE
Has To Be
Instavolt (From May 17 onwards)


I am geting the Zoe iconic r135 (not the gt line) so hoping that it is worth it :slight_smile: I’m going to be too excited to sleep I have looked on zap map but don’t understand the free ones :frowning: my postcode is Ex22 area, aware of 2 genie point near me and the InstaVolt is 20 miles away but I go there most days anyway so that isn’t a problem

Just had an email saying your journey starts tomorrow:)


I got a Zoe on the 5th and I’m sure you will like it.

Zap Map Key

Black Outline = available
Blue Outline = in use
Red Outline = broken

Cards work fine, it’s the chargers that can be the issue.

Happy EV Driving :grinning:

That’s what I drive. They’re good little cars. The GT Line would give you a larger touchscreen, reversing camera, part-leather seats and diamond alloys. Nothing too special and definitely nothing that makes a big impact to the driving experience.

Looking at your postcode area the free options aren’t so good. GeniePoint does look like the big name but using them would be at your own expense. The other option is charging at home.

Yeah I was thinking about at home I’m in the middle of no where and would have to run an extension lead to the car from my house as it is parked on the drive opposite but I have read that it isn’t very good to use an extension cable ?

Not advisable, but if you have to, you could do as long as you get a good quality one that has thick weatherproof cables that can handle the high current for a long period of time, and also that you don’t leave the wire coiled or wrapped up when in use.

The first few times, do it during the day where you’re home and awake so you can regularly check and unplug if something gets hot. But if it’s fine afterwards then overnight should be no issue as long as you aren’t creating any trip hazards anywhere (in which case you’d need to get a cable cover too)

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Do you know any good extension leads ? Thanks you for your help when will I no what ear my car is ? I just had the your journey starts tomorrow email with the delivery time etc

These guys tend to be recommended from what I’ve seen-- make sure you check their advice on whether or not you need an RCD (and if in doubt, get one fitted as it could save a life if there is a fault)


If you’r talking about the Instavolt in Bideford there are a few BP Pulse chargers very close to that one which you can use for free with your card. Of course, once you get your Instavolt card, that would probably your first choice as they are renowned for their reliability, unlike BP Pulse.


What year?
You’ll get a 20, 70 or 21 Plate since it’s an Iconic ZE50. There is a good chance it will be brand new since they have just had another batch of brand new 21 plates delivered recently, but of course this is never guaranteed.

Your car will show up on the app and website at 8:30AM Tomorrow morning, but don’t download your digital key in the app until it’s arrived and is parked outside your home as pressing this button starts your booking and mileage is counted from that point forwards. You will still be able to see your license plate and color without pressing this button however.

Yep - I got my extension from Tough Leads 2 years ago and have been using it ever since. Top quality - and they can do an in-line connector so it can pass through small letter boxes - very useful when visiting family and friends.

As more and more free charging has been added to the Onto subscription though, I’ve found that I use home charging less and less - especially over the last year with no commuting.

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Where are the bp pulse ones in Bideford ? Thanks you