First e-208 to be Delivered

In view of all the threads about delivery issues and erroneous damage fees, I thought a light hearted post was in order. Just vacuumed Zoe so she’s ready to go off tomorrow. Will give her a last (of about two!) wash just before she’s collected and then take some nice pics for posterity.

So let’s see who’s first to get their shiny new e-pug. Once you’ve waved off the deliverer, take a photo and post it here.

And if you get beaten to first place, don’t worry, post a picture anyway. It’ll be nice to see them all, in the array of available colours :wink:


@E7EV cant wait for mine to arrive tomorrow well super nervous, never had a Peugeot before , just changed all my vans in work to Toyota/ Peugeot and they seemed nice which is why I thought I would give the e-208 ago, just hope it will be a good idea.


I’ve had a 205 and 206, both used. I like Peugeot’s style, although I think they lost their way a bit with the 207 and 208 Gen1. They’re back on form now though!


I’m looking forward to seeing people’s new e-208’s and hearing what they think of them. Hopefully this turns out to be the great car that we originally expected the ZE50 to be and were left with a little disappointment with!

I’ll leave others like yourself to be the guinea pig this time and make sure there’s no issues like creaks and leaks, then who knows I may order one for myself and return to Peugeot who also made (or at least branded) the first EV I ever bought about 9 years ago - The iOn.


I thought in another post you said you got your first ONTO vehicle just before you were 25. So did you get your first EV at 17?

Or am I having a senior moment? Don’t all shout “Yes” at once…

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I got offered my first Onto vehicle just before my 25th Birthday, but didn’t go ahead at the time. It was a little over a year after that when I finally accepted and got my ZE50 delivered - The first car I got from this company.

I got my first EV at around 18 years old I think. Would have to dig through my photos or social media to find out exactly when it was, but I know it wasn’t long after passing my driving test that I discovered EVs and decided I must have one. I can tell you by my memory of insurance quotes that I was still very much a new driver given the crazy prices I had to pay back then!

(My memory is probably worse than anyone else on here, so if I try to find out exactly when it was I’ll probably be way off with my guesses of ages and years when these events happened)


Just had my delivery for tomorrow confirmed. And guess what. Due to some technical issues, we will get the key! It should work with the App, but we’ll get the key as back up!


I think they should just give a key and make a life simple.So many people wish to get proper key as I can see from here, specially if they giving to Peugeot users so why not for everybody? If they trust us enough to drive their brand new cars worth £30K+ , so why getting a key is a problem?


I get my peugeot e208 in black friday cant wait and if they are supplying the key happy day so much easier and convenient … is this gonna be all 208? I have now seen it couple times about key hope its true.

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Oooo. I can see my boooing in my app on next bookings but no email confirmation yet fingers crossed. What colour you chose? @E7EV

think the main reason they dont give keys is because if you fail to pay etc they can block the app and stop you using the car

Faro yellow. I like to stand out, and may stop others accidentally hitting me!

When I was young, my Dad bought a beige Citroen GS estate. He sprayed it yellow. Looked great. Still remember the registration number, JAB 88N

They still cud stop you using the car as they can lock it remotely so key shouldn’t be a problem tbh

Haha nice. It will defo stand out.

I’m sure they can still stop you from using the car.if you failed to pay and failed to return the car they can always take legal action and report you to police.If they can open the car for you without using the app then I’m sure they can block the car as well.

Thats whats i mean so supplying the key wouldnt hurt and alot of people on here would agree… and if they can lock them remotely for non payment or summit having the key should be fine.

the app wouldnt be able to override the key,the fact that you can only use a phone app means they block the app and lock the car,they dont have control of the car itself just the app

Interesting to hear about the key! I got an email confirmation a while ago and see it in the app, but no further update on delivery. Did you get a call?

With the closure of all the car washes, getting the BMW i3 cleaned hasn’t been easy. Excited for the swap nonetheless.

Hey guys you’ve hijacked my thread! This was supposed to be a lighthearted fun thread of photos of the newly delivered e-208s.

I blame @tomford. He shouldn’t have done the second post unless it was a photo of his new pug :wink:


Spooky! I just got a call from Onto after I posted updating me re the key. Will be sure to share a photo when it arrives.