First Damage Report. What next?

Hi all :wave:

So, I just got the my first damage report in my inbox following the return of the eC4.

No, this is not a complaint thread, don’t worry.

The damage on there is accurate, even if it is annoying considering none of it was actually done by me. Looking at you carless people in car parks :eyes:

Anyhoo. Can someone who has been through this process who has I4CH list out the steps I need to take to get everything required to process a claim?


I need to put in a claim too! Generally they require copies of:

Contract for the relevant month
Damage report
Bank statement showing you paid

Check out the online claim process and they’ll say what documents they require in case I’ve missed one.


The only damage report I have is an email. Is there an actual copy or a report I can get?

Guess that’ll be an email to onto.

Gonna be cheeky and tag @Dan_at_Onto as you never know :wink:

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How long was it after returning your car did you get your damage report?

About 13 days, so pretty quick for me.