First big trip. Anxiety is real

A practical solution to a different kind of range anxiety!


Tomorrow is the day, looking like the hottest day of the year so expecting a bit more range :grimacing::rofl:

I have 2 stops planned and 2 variations for each in case.


Don’t know what the worry was about!


Glad it went well!

So did you stop where you had planned etc?

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Yes, just outside Cannock and the ionity at MK coachway.

Same on the way back too, I charged enough on the way down there to get me back out of london to MK.

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I did our first big trip a few weeks back, Brecon in Wales to East Yorkshire… anxiety leading up to the journey… on zap map more times than I could remember. Headed off and stopped for a charge at Services… Ecotricty… yeah gotta pay for that as the ONTO cards dont work on them… not a problem… stopped again at Tibshelf Services. topped up to 90% and plenty to get to Leconfield. popped it on the 3 pin charger there and then a Pod Point in Tescos in Beverley… anxiety gone… done a few long trips since and am getting used to it now.

I got the Zoe Gt because I regularly visit the Dales from Kettering, c 190 mls and hoped it would suffice - worried on 1st trip, stopping half-way - Now just drive all the way (southern Dales + re-charge Skipton, when it works :slight_smile: - Not checked out Leyburn area further north yet, however as I am due up there Friday, I better have a look on maps for nearby 50kwh

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Think this month I’ll actually run out of miles for the first time. After that successful trip I’m
Planning on doing 2-3 more return trips before we finally move back to london! Better than the £120 return train fare!!


Milton Keynes Coachway seems to be best avoided these days…
Shameful situation and as others have said seems BP have given up.

James, Kate and Florence


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Ok folks. I’m not happy to do this but… here’s the reason I’ll be cancelling my @bppulseuk subscription tonight!! You can see where I am. 8 machines, 4 hogged by vans not charging, 3 not working, app inop and no answer on the phone. This is no good for anyone. I’m outta here !(





Andrew Till • Mr. EV



It gives new EV owners a terrible impression of public charging. If a company as big as BP can’t operate a functioning network, it hardly fills new EV owners with confidence.


What exactly is it with BP? Is it just a perfect storm of unreliable charger design, poor app, poor customer service and lack of repair workforce?

I can’t quite work out if it’s that the chargers are significantly less reliable than those on other networks, or if all chargers are that unreliable, it’s just that other networks are more responsive at addressing issues.

Thankfully Ionity have a few chargers just behind that BP Charging hub at least. Their higher prices for the general public usually mean there’s availability for Onto subscribers to plug in for free


Their own brand Chargemaster units (be that AC Charging posts or their Ultracharge units) are terribly unreliable. They have loads of software bugs that make them freeze up and go unresponsive, often to the point where the only way to get it restarted is with an engineer visit which can take weeks depending on where abouts in the UK you are.

The other brands of charger that BP use like the high power rapids made by ABB, or even the ancient DBT chargers are generally pretty solid. The only problem with them is that if you do encounter an issue you’re calling the same helpline thats flooded with calls about the broken Chargemaster units therefore you’re waiting 45+ minutes (yes, the wait times seem to have gotten even longer recently!) for them to pick up.

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This site is on my plan A stop for my trip to my sisters farm near Welshpool next week. I emailed MK Council recently following reports on ZapMap about MK taxis blocking. This was the reply -
" Thank you for your email.

I have forwarded this to our dedicated MK Connect team. They shall investigate this matter – if they have not done so already – and shall provide a more comprehensive response to your email shortly.

Kind regards

Michael Wadham

Passenger Transport Officer

T: 07920 146559

E: [email protected]

E: [email protected]

Visit us online at Follow us on Twitter: @mkcouncil
Milton Keynes Council | Civic Offices | 1 Saxon Gate East | Central Milton Keynes "

No further response so perhaps if everyone affected emails this guy at MK they will take it seriously. I also posted this email on ZapMap and copied in to BP. Will drop him another email myself today and report photos etc next Monday as I pass through. Will probably end up on the Ionity anyway :older_man:

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I get the frustration with the mk connect hogging the bp charges but we all have ionity anyways so no issue for onto users :man_shrugging:t3:

I’ve since done the same run back to london and used them again on Thursday.

Getting my Zoe tomorrow :crossed_fingers: my first ever EV. Am I mad to be doing this journey on Saturday? :joy:

I’ve planned it out and seems like I can charge after about 150miles in Aberystwyth. Is that risking it too much, I know I can stop about halfway instead and charge up.

The range anxiety is starting to kick in :joy::joy:

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looks like you are setting off from Leicester or thereabouts.
Are you starting with 100% soc?
What soc do you need when you arrive? Do you have charging sorted when you arrive at place you are staying or nearby?

Looks like there is Shrewsbury about half way… Eurogarages Shrewsbury [Gridserve Electric Highway]
Also Instavolt at Shrewsbury at Bannatynes.

Zoe should do that journey without issue.

Yes my plan was to have it fully charged before or if not 80%. I will be doing a gig in Cardigan and then driving back the same night!

That’s why I thought Aberystwyth would be a good place to charge as it’s nearish to Cardigan. There are some free pod point chargers at Tesco that I might use when I’m there. If I have time to wander around a bit.

Yes Shrewsbury is the halfway stop I had in mind. Tbh I might just stop there anyway for a break anyway!

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I agree, that journey should be fine, provided you start with near 100%. You could probably get away with less of an initial charge but, for your first long journey, you probably don’t want to be at the bleeding edge of its capability :grinning:

At this time of year you can generally get away with 150 miles at 70mph before you’re down to single figure SoC in my experience, so those 60mph roads should buy you even more range.

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Bear in mind - only the slower chargers (≤22kW) at Tesco are free to use, the rapid/CCS chargers are pay to use.

As you’re in a Zoe I think you can charge up to a full 22kW on AC charging (which is a bit of a superpower), but it still wouldn’t be as quick as a rapid ≥50kW charger.

If you were planning on paying (I think 30p/kWh) then please ignore me :smiley:

If it were me, I’d stop at Shrewsbury to break up the journey, for a pit stop and a bite to eat/cup of tea if you need it.

Not sure if the Cardigan Tesco is anywhere near your gig, you could potentially add a few kWh for free if you can plug the car in while you’re there (but obviously if you’re carrying equipment that may be impractical).

Your origin looks a little closer to Hinckley than Leicester, ABRP suggests a stop in both directions at Tesco in Newport might be your way to go (not free charging, though)

Are you really going to be able to do that round trip in one hit as well as perform? You’ll be properly knackered, please take it easy on the road!!

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