Fine until you return a car

I had an i3 for around 6 months and was generally happy with Onto.
When I picked the car up it had a number of scratches, some quite deep especially around the rear tailgate/number area, as well as the driver’s door edge where a poor attempt at repairing the door had been made.
I reported all of these with photographs etc. These were all accepted and noted with confirmation emails from Onto.
Fast forward to returning the car when things went badly wrong.
A week or so after returning the car I received a series of emails with what can only be termed as increasingly aggressive tone regarding the same damage that I had reported on the day I received the car.
I was getting demands for over £750 for damage.
It took many emails and several calls by me to finally get them to look at the data they already held and to finally accept that this damage was already on the car when I received it and was not down to me.
What really annoyed me was their attitude which was very much along the lines of ‘we will review what you have told us and we will let you know if we intend to take the money from your account or not’!
A 2-minute check of their emails and the stash of photographic evidence that they had from me would have confirmed to them that they had no claim against me.
My message is to be very careful with any existing damage and don’t assume that they will keep a record of it.
My generally positive attitude towards Onto was completely changed by their heavy and aggressive approach and I certainly would not use them again.


Just to be clear, have you finally gotten Onto to agree that you weren’t liable for existing damage charges?

If you look at other recent threads on here, you’ll see that a number of us have had similar issues and were unfairly billed for damages.

I made a formal complaint and got speaking to the management who are responsible for these matters, and it seems that my complaint triggered an investigation that not only got my issues finally resolved, but also for many others who post here too. If you still aren’t satisfied I’d urge you to keep fighting this as it’s a serious issue that really needs to be stopped now.


Yes, they finally, and I perceived it as grudgingly, had to accept that I had not caused the damage they were trying to charge me for.
How could they not when I had emails from them stating that they had received my photographs and had noted the damage on the day my rental period started.
My issue was 1. why the threatening attitude and 2. why had they not gone to my account to check any pre-existing damage reports before sending me a demand?

Thanks for confirming. Good to hear about that, even if it wasn’t necessarily handled in the best way!

The problem is that there are so many different ways to report damage, and not all of them actually get linked directly to your assigned vehicle’s record. One of the things Onto have assured me will be changing recently is making one simple method of recording damage and incidents and making sure that everyone completes and accepts a damage report any time they receive, and return a vehicle. This should make things like this less likely to happen in future.

As for the threatening attitude there isn’t really any excuse for that one, and it shouldn’t be happening. Thankfully I haven’t experienced any of that, and while Onto have been VERY difficult to contact at times, they are always polite and do try to help me any time that we have discussed an issue.

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Well, I was/am only aware of one way of reporting damage which was via link with pictures attached. I assumed (I think reasonably on my part) that these damage reports would be held in my account at Onto and would be the first thing they looked at when the car was returned with damage.
If that is not what is happening they need to remedy that immediately. Not only for the customers sake, but for their own admin processes.
I should add that the threatening attitude I refer to was written, not verbal.


oh dear. I’ve only reported delivery damage via the app and I realised today (day before I swap) that the photos did not get saved locally. I emailed [email protected] for copies of the photos today to cross-check but nothing has been forthcoming. I never got confirmation that the delivery damage was logged apart from the generic email!