Finally booked a Zoe! Lots of travel to come!

Good advice and gives you a backup should you need it for any reason.

Yeah I keep thinking - I can’t wait until I don’t have to bother changing gears. EVs don’t even have gears! And the clutch is pretty high in my current car and it gets annoying :joy:

Im looking forward to the smooth acceleration and no noise as my current car is very loud especially at motorway speeds!

Yes I think it makes sense to have a backup for a little bit and then there’s no rush to sell either.

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Good advice. I was driving an old 10 plate petrol Vauxhall Astra which was starting to cost me more and more in garage bills when I took the plunge with ONTO but I parked it up at my Dad’s house for a month before selling it just to be sure I was happy with the Zoe. Although I instantly fell in love with the Zoe so needn’t have worried.


Sounds very similar to what I’ll be doing then!

I’m sure the Zoe will be more than capable of suiting my needs.

I have a 2010 Citroen C3 at the minute and I’m hoping the Zoe has as much boot space for all my equipment! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Sounds like what I’m doing the same, on a 59 plate Astra, but going to the Ioniq rather than the Zoe…


Also my current car does have air con but it is absolutely terrible when it’s over 25 degrees!

Can’t wait for the preconditioning :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


The pre conditioning is my favourite thing about the car, it has been an absolute god send the last couple of weeks. The air con in my old Astra didn’t work at all……every summer I would say I needed to remember and get it looked at when the prices were cheaper before the following summer and then I would always forget about it as I wasn’t using it over the winter so totally forgot :joy:

Yeah I had mine regassed a couple of years ago and it’s dreadful again now! Not sure it actually worked well straight afterwards anyway :joy:

Bring on the Zoe :oncoming_automobile: :grin:

Have you done many long journeys in yours?

Longest I’ve done so far was to Blackpool and back over 2 days which was around 250 miles. I left home on 96% charge, stopped at the instavolt chargers at Booths in Garstang for a half hour top up on the way down and that gave me enough charge to go the zoo and then on into Blackpool itself and home again the next day. I arrived home with around 25% remaining if I remember correctly.
I found it a much nicer drive over that distance than my Astra, the kids also found it better in the back as they prefer the higher seating position.
I’m pretty confident I would be happy to drive longer distances in it whereas with my old car I would always look at options on the train rather than drive it.


That’s good news that you find it better for longer drives.

I’ve heard lots of mixed reviews on the Zoe’s seat for long journeys - some people saying there’s not much support. What’s your opinion?

There isn’t a lot of support, nor is there a great deal of adjustment either. If you’re the right shape and size to fit well then it’s comfortable for as long as you need. But if not then it may not feel so good on longer distances - This is why you’re hearing such mixed opinions.

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Do tell, what exactly is the right shape? :wink:

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Isn’t it one of those test crash dummies, french one of course :wink:


I found it no better or worse for comfort than my Astra. My Dad was in the front passenger seat and he found it much better than the Astra for him and my two kids (age 14 & 10) found the back seats better.
I prefer the higher ride height in the Zoe too as the extra height kept my legs more comfortable than in the Astra.
I think it would be fine for us over a longer distance as we would be making more stops too both for comfort and charging.

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Grandmasuec loves the Zoe seats. So I am happy too :older_man:

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Yeah I’ve seen that there’s no height adjustment but to be fair I never adjust the height of my seat anyway haha!

They look like they’d be pretty comfortable, let’s hope I’m the right size :joy:

How is the space in the back for 6 foot-ish people? I very rarely have anyone in the back - it’s normally full of guitars! Just wondering in case I do have anyone in the back.

Also my girlfriend has a 2017 plate Renault Clio and it has a button start which just says “Start Stop”.

So I have no idea why the Zoe has “Start Engine Stop” :joy: when it doesn’t have one!

I’m 5’6” and with the drivers seat set for me, my son who’s 5’9” says it’s snug sat behind me but says he’s comfortable enough.

Hopefully that will give you a little bit of an idea.

If your 6ft like me and you’ve got someone who’s 6ft behind you. Forget it.
Currently my Zoe is more like a 2 seater…. Just saying.

I find Zoe very comfortable, incl long drives.

I am ancient, 6ft and have an arthritic unstable back.

Coming from sportier machinery, I would love seat and s wheel to be 3" lower - I could also get in without scraping my barnet!

I have more than enough leg room, mainly because you are sitting so high

Ride comfort is slightly unusual, as it has to manage the excessive weight and short wheel base - however overall, it is comfortable with inspiring damping for broken roads, where you cringe when a ridge / hole appears round a corner, concerned u may catch something as suspension may run out of tricks…it never seems to :slight_smile: