Finally booked a Zoe! Lots of travel to come!

After lurking on these forums for over a year now I’ve finally decided it’s time to book in my first EV!

I’m excited but also a bit nervous as I am a musician and I gig up and down the UK most weekends. The furthest gig we’ve got is Fife and I’m based in Leicestershire!
Most gigs are usually 2 hours or more so it’s definitely going to be a good test of whether I can get along with an EV.

I really want it to work out! So fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Have you guys done many long trips? I understand getting all the apps etc. But are there any other tips and tricks? Best motorway speed for example?

Also let’s hope the Zoe has enough room for my equipment haha.


Well you’ve gone for the vehicle with the best range at that price point. Zoe has a surprisingly large boot for a car in it’s segment.

Tips? It’s all about planning. Use Zap-Map filter to select all networks included in the ONTO subscription, and then CCS and 50kW and above chargers to locate the rapids on the route you intend to take. A warm and low state of charge battery charges quicker, so try and recharge well into your journey. Try and time charging stops to coincide with comfort and meal breaks. Reducing motorway speeds from 70 to 60mph will help increase range if you’re not in a rush.


There’s a guy on YouTube under the channel name of “Battery Life” who does “RaCoBe” (Range, Consumption, Best Speed) tests on EVs to try and work out the optimum speed to drive at when you consider the faster you go, the more energy you use and thus the longer you spend charging when you stop.

I seem to remember the Zoe in his tests came out as 120kph (70mph) as the optimum speed to drive at, which is convenient here in the UK!

That said, it can depend on the journey - sometimes you might prefer the journey if you drive at 60mph continuously rather than 70mph with a stop to charge.

I’d say most two hour journeys are easily within the scope of the Zoe’s range, even in winter if you start with close to a full charge. If you play at venues which happen to have destination charging then you’ll be laughing! Otherwise you’ll have to make the decision to either leave home early and recharge close to the venue so that you have a hassle-free return journey after the gig, or accept that your journey home will have to take in a charging stop.

My brother is a freelance musician based in the south east and I’ve so far failed to convince him that an EV is the way to go even though it seems to me it would be ideal for him; the problems he can see are just the classic non-problems touted by the hand-wringing anti-EV brigade who have never actually lived with one. He wants a hybrid but I’ve told him he’s wasting his time on a technology which is essentially a box-ticking exercise to make people feel like they’re being green. The complexity and pollution of a fossil fuel vehicle, exacerbated by dragging a pile of batteries around everywhere. Great :slight_smile:


@e7ev - yes thats what I have found with my pre onto Zoe Gt 700 mile 7 day MK EV trial rental
200 mile range in summer, above 80% charging is Really slow - best to top up with overnight trickle if possible

Zoe is surprisingly comfortable, frisky and so relaxing to drive in any conditions (incl mountain pass ascents!)

I am not familiar with Apps and find them unpredictable+ reliant on a good Internet network access- sparse in the National Parks!

During that week, I was forever monitoring residual range and aware that nearby chargers are tiresome in operation at best, which added unnecessary stress to an escape holiday

Cant wait for a Min range of 300 mls affordable upgrade as this will help significantly

Zoe is surprisingly accommodating for big drivers


I’ll definitely check that YouTube channel out! Yes I’d assume that it would be better below 70mph in general? I’ll have to find out I guess!

That’s why I went for the Zoe as it’s cheap :joy: and the range should get me to most places easily enough :crossed_fingers:

It would be ideal if they had chargers at the venue - I hadn’t even thought if that! I was thinking recharge near to the venue.

I will share my experience with how I get on, I’ve got a lot of gigs in August so it will definitely be tested out! I’m excited but confident that an EV, especially with the Zoe’s range, will work perfectly fine.
Or maybe I should gig a little bit closer to home :joy:


my babe has just arrived :slight_smile:

9mths old, 5k mls and mint :slight_smile:

thx Onto :slight_smile:


Nice! Good to hear you got it okay. What colour did you go for?

@Lew1994 You really should read the posts more carefully, although @griff officially it’s called Celadon Blue :wink:


It would probably look good in mint green to be fair!

I’ve gone for Titanium grey I feel like it makes it look a bit more sporty in grey - I don’t know :joy:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: @E7EV that’s made me chuckle


I thought he meant in mint condition. :older_man:


He did, but @E7EV loves a play on words :blush:


Have you guys got any tips for driving an EV? I’ve only ever driven manual cars so it will be a bit of a change!

Keep your left foot well away while getting used to the car. Don’t put it on the footrest. When slowing you’ll probably find your left foot looking for a clutch, not finding one but finding a brake instead. You’ll push this so hard with your left foot that you’ll nearly send yourself through the windscreen!

When you do it though, it’s a lesson that you only need to learn once and then you’ll be fine with automatic afterwards.

Okay thanks, I’ll definitely keep my left foot out of the way.
What about parking with the Zoe? I understand automatics usually have a park setting but they have removed it in the Zoe, so do you just leave it in drive for parking?

Also an electric handbrake sort of scares me :joy::joy:

If you want to worry about the gears just shift to N before switching it off, though it will automatically do this anyway when you switch it off from memory. All you really need to do is pull the electonic parking brake switch up and it will hold the car.

Only other thing to note is the auto hold button beside the parking brake switch. If that is switched on, when you slow to a stop, you can lift your foot off the brake and it will hold you still until you press the accelerator. I personally switch it off as I find that it makes pulling away less smooth but it’s down to personal preference if you like it or not… Just remember that automatics will creep/crawl as if you’re always at the bite point with the clutch unless you’re using something like this auto hold function.

lol…yes titanium…a little too dark grey for my taste, however looks way more classy than black (previous MK trial car)
The Onto car is a later 70 version - mods incl smaller lower lights - not sure if these turn
Screen s/w changes too
Seat seems an inch higher?, which doesnt help entry
Tailgate chatters…
Rear glass incl side is smoked - not normally a fan, however this is subtle not nr black like so many
Side view is very classy, however dont like front and rear design personally
drove it in a storm last night - i thought people were joking about sound of rain in EVs…really loud (and nice) thx to lightweight materials and lack of horrible old ICE noise :slight_smile:
We shall be going out together for as long as I can afford :wink: - Hope onto drop rental to £330 / introduce ‘Pensioner/poverty’ rate :slight_smile:

Delivery experience was fine despite anxiety and Zoe is like new :slight_smile:


I did exactly this……but not until I’d had the car for nearly two weeks….my daughter wondered what on earth was going on :joy:

@Lew1994 enjoy your Zoe when you get it, I have the GT Line in red and I love it, it’s perfect for my usage.

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As others have said changing to an automatic is quite a different experience and it is guaranteed that you will use your left foot to press the ‘phantom clutch’ down when slowing. Any car is surprisingly good at coming to a dead stop very quickly when you do this. Every driver I know has done this so don’t feel bad about it when it happens to you, just hope that you are on your own in the car and we’ll clear of any following traffic.

I always put my left foot on the side footrest and never move it from there.
Best to get used to the car when roads are quiet in your area and practise all you need to get acquainted.

It also works the other way too. When you have been driving automatics all day long and then suddenly have a manual ICE car, you wonder why when coming off the motorway slowing down on the slip road that the engine is groaning and rattling away under the strain of being in top gear :roll_eyes:

The good news is that once you have switched to an EV you will never want to go back to ICE and it’s auto all the time :+1:


Yes I’m really looking forward to it!

It’s not arriving until 10th August so trying I need to think about getting rid of my dirty diesel! Got insurance renewal coming up at the weekend, which is annoying timing - but should be able to get my money back if I sell it before then.

My girlfriend is saying to declare it off the road and see how I get on with the Zoe first before selling it.

So I’ve got some thinking to do!

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