Fiat 500 electric 2021

Adding this car to the service would offer a nice entry-level option for any user considering getting into EV.

A nice to have would be the option to choose between the hatchback vs the cabrio variant.


I don’t think this will be an entry level EV. I think it’ll end up quite expensive for what it is. Like the Honda e and Mini Electric, a premium city car.


@E7EV agree. I say a Zoe is a great entry level EV. the E UP! Is just a cheaper option the mileage between the 500e and the E UP is probably comparable give or take 20miles.

According to the 2021 Wish List only 19% of the 82 voters were interested in seeing the 500e join the fleet.

I agree, Fiat 500e is a real contender here.
Italians sold nearly 7 million of these little beauties, the new 500e is definitely well designed.
The larger battery is good for 199 miles or probably 170 in real world but where it excels over Zoe is the 85 KW charging, double the Speed, making it more liveable on the Motorways.


I’d go with 145-160 average as I had a 2018 leaf with the same battery in 2018-2019 before I got a Tesla, I didn’t see over 170 ever in best conditions. God forbid it was started in cold weather. I remember it snowed once and it was maybe -2. The car told me on a full charge 87 miles of range.