Fault with car

Any idea on this fault on my e208?

Car was functioning perfectly fine , went for lunch and connected to a charger . Turned the car on and this fault appeared . The car seems to be driving perfectly with no loss of power m

I hate to be that guy… But have you tried turning it off and back on again? Preferably leaving it for say 5-10 minutes before retrying.

Usually it’s just a minor issue between charger and car and will disappear by itself and you can then safely drive again. It happens fairly regularly. But if it doesn’t go away then since it is a red warning you should follow the guidance and stop using the car. Call Driverline for assistance from the dealer if the warning persists.


First thing I did . I am currently leaving it for 15mins and try again.

Well after going for a walk and leaving the car for 15mins, the fault as disappeared


Ah the old turn it off and let it ponder its attitude trick…. Works a charm with them French cars I tell ya.


Exactly the same thing happened to me in an E2008.
It even wanted me to drive to the local dealership :joy:

Turned the car off for 30 mins, went back and by magic it had gone.

The same type thing has happened to me so many times over the years with ICE cars.

All software bugs :beetle:


This happened twice in my e2008
I turned the car off and walked away having unplugged it. Move right away so the key will not detect the car etc.

Leave it around 30 minutes and then return. Mine would reset and be fine. It can happen if you turn on the car but do not start the car and the 12v battery can drain. Give the car a good run to recharge the 12v battery. If when you go to start the car and the 12v battery indicator is red it can mean the charge in that battery is low or there is a fault. I had to get mine looked at by a Peugeot garage. Ensure the software is all up to date!

I would not advise turning on the car and letting it idle with fans etc running. Sadly this car is not meant for ‘camp modes’ - you need to engage or start the traction battery to recharge the 12v battery. Don’t be tempted to sit in the car with out engaging the traction battery for any length of time. I used to make that error sitting in my e2008 with fans and ac on and it does not like it.

Hope you get it sorted. If I doubt have the car checked for faults. A software update also helped mine.


The car is booked into Peugeot on Friday , ONTO was pretty quick sorting this out


@Apriliamgt always good to hear - feel free to DM me if you hit any roadblocks (not literal roadblocks btw :rofl:)

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Well let’s not joke there , you will be dealing with my next lot of messages regarding another £1000 taken :wink:


That’s what we say when it’s an ICE vehicle. Does that hold true for an EV? If the 12v is topped up by the traction battery, surely the vehicle needs to be on, but not necessarily going anywhere.

Not sure about Peugeots, but don’t some EVs monitor the 12v and, as long as the traction battery is over a certain SoC, charges it when necessary, even if switched off?

Haven’t Tesla stopped using lead acid batteries, in favour of lithium? Maybe Hyundai need to do the same thing, as it’s a very common issue with their EVs.


It is a pain all this 12v battery management. The RAC dude and engineer at Peugeot both said if the car is engaged and says in green on the dash - READY - then it’s doing something to top up the 12V. I used to make the mistake of turning on the car and then idle for long enough the - READY - light would go out so the car disengages the traction part and powers down. I was advised you / I can stay in the car but keep it in PARK and with READY showing or it consumes 12v battery.
I took from this conversation that when the car is being used then it tops up the 12V.
They advised me to avoid the idle time in the car without -READY- showing. I think this happens after around 10 minutes or so with no input from the driver.

If stopping in one of these cars always put it in PARK if you intend to remove feet from the pedals etc. Otherwise just braking and applying the handbrake with halt the car but it will keep it in DRIVE - this means if you apply pressure (even slight by accident) to the throttle (lol if that’s right) it will engage the traction drive and the car will move auto releasing the hand brake. Anyone reading this take care because I have done this myself and nearly had a close up with a Tesco bollard.

I know what you mean by the old way of running an ICE to top up the battery but essentially something like one of these Peugeots is an ICE converted to have a battery and electric motor - the dude at Peugeot even admitted this and it’s all new learning for them with the faults and the way the system talks to and used its components. Mine was in the garage for around two weeks due to a fault with an ABS cable that was confusing the computer and traction part of the drive train.

Fab cars though but not built from the ground up like others. Always had good service from the Pug dealers.


As far as I understand that’s correct and could be plugged in to charge also. Doesn’t need driving anywhere. Depends on car and the system software though.

That’s my understanding too. Definitely does this in the i-pace as I can see it via a 3rd party app which monitors all 3 batteries (traction, 12v and telematics)

Yes they have recently moved to lithium batteries. Not seen evidence of others doing this at point of manuf, but several threads on forums of ‘owners’ who have swapped lead acid failed units for lithium. Lot more expensive, but a long term solution.


Just noticed my MG5 shows the current charge of the low voltage battery on the instrument display. :older_man:


I just had my e208 delivered 2 days ago and mine has a fault as well. The delivery guy got out the car and said the park assist has a fault…great! Then the car was in kilometres and not miles, I also seem to have 2 sets of charge cards so it’s a case of seeing which works. The same day the dash came fell off and is still hanging there. I’ve noticed the blind spot monitoring doesn’t seem to come on even though it’s activated and at 2 different instavolt chargers it seem to be charging at half the speed it should be! It’s been “escalated” according to onto but still no one is contacting me back after 2 days. Just told the woman on the phone if they have not contacted me back by lunch today they can come and take it and refund me I’m not messing around seems to be really bad service!!

What car reg year and mileage is the car?
Sounds like it needs driverline to get it sorted, but might be better to swap it for another car.
Will flag @Raheel_at_Onto to follow up.

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BF71 NLG and to be honest not checked on the mileage been too concerned with its faults. They asked me on the phone if I would be wanting it repaired and I told them no I’m not interested as the faults keep mounting. I forgot from my last post as well the car arrived with no aerial on the roof!


Sounds like it should never have left the logistics depot as it should have failed some pdi checks and the driver should have picked up on things too.

I would push for a replacement asap.

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I’ve phoned them 4 times since it was marked as urgent on day of delivery and each time been told “there is no number for me to contact the escalation team” and “someone will phone you today” it’s just constant fobbing me off. Told them this morning I want a new car sending out or they can collect this one and give me a refund but the people you speak to seem to be reading from scripts!

Are you speaking to Onto, or Driverline? Make sure it’s definitely Onto themselves and not the outsourced fleet support team. They are the people who can make decisions and hopefully help you out faster, rather than reading scripts and simply passing on information to someone else.