Fastned in the UK…

Fastned is one of the free networks to keep an eye on. Unless you live in or travel through the North East they aren’t currently much use to Onto subscribers….but, I just had an email from them saying 3 new UK locations are coming in the next 10 weeks.

Hopefully the start of a larger expansion in the UK.


Unfortunately for you, I have a feeling they will be more in the North East again. There is one standalone location in Scotland (Dundee, from memory) but here we have heard announcements of more charging hubs to come, and Fastned are likely to continue being the operator of future installations.

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I’ve found FastNed to be brilliant; I’ve used Whitley Bay, Newcastle and Washington and all have been great experiences.

I especially love the ability to simply plug in and walk away, after having associated the car with my account.


Have you bumped into any other Onto subscribers while there? It seems every time I go to the Newcastle or Sunderland ones that I will encounter at least one Onto car also charging.

A perfect location for the ONTO North East Post Covid Meet Up then!

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We used Newcastle on the way to Scotland, nice enough, but I would have traded the fancy Fastned art installations for a charger that didn’t stop charging half way through and whilst we were a twenty minute walk away!

Not yet! I look out for the dashcam but not seen one yet.


You’ll often see me at the Newcastle one, white 208. It’s a good location for parking for a (brief) nip into town.

I wonder if one of the three locations is the Kingston Park, which is nearly complete. There was also talk of a bunch of charging hubs coming to the NE this summer - commissioned by the North East Combined Authority. Fastned may be one of them?

Agree that autocharge is magic, and I love it!

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So how does that actually work?

You need to download the app to set it up (you can put your Onto Shell card as a payment method).

Once you’ve started one charge via the app, you can switch on autocharge for that car. After that, it’s literally plug in and walk away. I don’t even bother hanging around to watch it go through the connection protocols any more now. You can check the progress of the charge on the app, but you don’t need it if you don’t want.



Planning permission granted in October 2020 for six rapids and canopy at 15 McFarlane Street, Paisley, not far from Glasgow Airport.

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There is indeed one in Dundee, i mostly charge at home but i use this one regularly. And it’s really handy as not many other people ever seem to use it!

Ramac Way/Woolwich Road, London SE7

Just one more to find! Maybe the third one will be in the NE, @Koda :wink:

They’re installing Hyperchargers there by the looks of it. I think that’s a first for the UK but I’ve only heard good things about them.

I’m not at all disappointed that these new ones aren’t close to me. I already have a Fastned hub VERY close to my home and many more good charging options in my region. Having then placed where they are is great for me when I travel to Glasgow or London where I now know I have reliable options if I’m at the right side of the city.




Only just found out about this by using the Moovility app, which has a filter for new chargers.

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Since its not been mentioned in this thread yet, there’s another Fastned location at the Angel of the North (Gateshead), 2x 50kW chargers due to be switched on soon.