FastNed Chargers

Hi. Has anyone has issues using FastNed chargers with their Shell card?. Tried it today and the charger wouldn’t recognise the card.

Worked fine for me every time.

How about apps. Did you try using the Fastned app with the Shell card as your payment method? As an added bonus that would let you set up autocharge too.

Fastned app doesn’t recognise it as a valid card. It seems to be asking for a number in a format that my shell card doesn’t have.

I seem to remember the newer Shell cards are being issued don’t have the card number in the correct format for adding as a payment card to the Fastned app.

Have a look on the back of the card. You’re looking for an alphanumeric code printed next to a QR code, just below the magnetic strip - not the long number on the front.

Either way, it should work as a physical RFID card. Fastned are pretty good on the phone, so if you have time give them a ring and they can tell you if the card’s working or not. Otherwise, give Onto a bell.


Charging at Sandwich now, super fast at 80kw. Shell card works fine.

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Be sure to download the Fastned app to benefit from Autocharge, if you think you’ll be charging here again in future. It makes it even easier!


Thanks for the tip :raised_hands:t3: Definitely coming back in the new year for a coast to coast drive.

Forgot I had the app downloaded, very impressive speed, 33% to 99% in 30 mins! Never seen this in London.


Are you talking about the charging speed? If so, this is quite normal at this SoC, especially with new models or older ones which have had an update at the dealership. If you’d have only had 10% SoC or so, you’d have probably started out in the low to mid nineties.

At an Ionity charger the other day, I got from 7% to 80% in just under 40 minutes. I’d already rapid charged a couple of times that day, so the battery would have been nice and warm.

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Good to know tried there in early December and it didn’t like the Shell Card

It’s a tiny little number on the back of the card, took me ages to work out that was the one it wanted

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