Farthest From The Madding Crowd 📊

Inspired by a Twitter Poll.

So how far do you go? Since you have become a serious Ontoaunaut what’s your longest road trip?

At lot of you seem to do as I do and drive to mid-Wales - I reckon that puts me in “National” territory, and I know some of you have gone International, presumably placing you firmly in the “Expert” category - but who has been the furthest on a Road Trip?

This is The Plugseeker’s poll on the Twittersphere:

  • “Nipper” - up to 40 miles
  • “Intercity” - up to 100 miles
  • “National” - up to 500 miles
  • “Expert” - more than 500 miles

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North Coast 500 plus getting to and from the start/finish point (Inverness) from London so must be around 1500 miles.

All courtesy of Tesla, so didn’t impact my ONTO mileage allowance.


That’s an Excellent boast - I watched Rory and Vicki doing that in an Ioniq 5, and making such a fuss about going the distance and Rory’s “Hypermiling” :rage: - when it looks a perfectly good challenge in your car. I’m fancying do a Four Points, myself, but the 500 could become an integral part of that!

Not in an ONTO car, but went from Shropshire to Geneva and back (at Tesla’s expense) with the boss in his Model S 100D, sharing the driving.

I still periodically have to remind myself that EVs are apparently terrible for long distance work :slight_smile:

In terms of my ONTO car, the vast majority of my trips over the last year in the Zoes and ID3 have been one particular 220 mile national journey, but that’s recently changed and I’m (thankfully) doing fewer miles now.


…as the poll is immediately confirming - you wouldn’t want to go far…:upside_down_face:

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Probably our Germany trip in the i3 in September 2020 was the most daring. I kind of naively expected Germany to be a bit like the Netherlands in terms of progress with chargers etc.