Fancying a change

So, I am fancying a change whilst waiting for the P*2 and swapping the Ioniq for an ID.3, but have a few questions

  1. if I swap for delivery next Friday, do I get a credit as their will be 15 days left on this hire, or do I pay the full price

  2. My miles should carry other shouldnt they from the Ioniq as both are tier 2 cars

  3. Anything I needs to be aware of swapping from an Ioniq to a ID.3??

Yes @E7EV the boss has granted permission :slight_smile:

  1. Yes it should be done prorata
  2. Yes as staying in same tier.
  3. It’s a VW :wink: not a Hyundai :thinking:

Trust you get one with the latest software updates applied.
Enjoy :blush:

  1. The ID.3 is rear wheel drive!
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So no more wheel spin :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:


But less toys than your hyundai.


If you saw all the tech I had… a few less toys is not a bad thing :slight_smile:


If you’ve done the swap you’ll love it! I’ve had a ID.3 family pro for 3 months and its excellent!

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Gone for the life pro as no family versions around :frowning:

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Well the ID.3 has turned up…

Perfect swap, just reported a stain on the back seat, that the driver showed me he has reported… and apologised for the cup holders not been perfectly clean … couldnt have asked for better …

Now to get used to a VW and the high seating position, as im 6ft 2, so need it as low as it can go lol


I’m fairly sure you can take the rubber inserts out of the cup holder, the inductive phone charger and the storage bin and wash them by hand. Of course, it would have been nice if the previous subscriber had done that before returning it!


I know, and I will be doing, when I finish work…

Here she is :


Knew I should have waited a few days as a Family version is available now for swap next week :frowning:

Is it worth the extra £30??

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:100: yes.

The matrix headlights alone are worth the extra £30. Much better spec.


Will have to see what the boss says towards the end of the month, and if one is still available

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I echo this! I wanted the glass roof originally, but the headlights are amazing, to the point I never want to NOT have matrix lights on my future cars

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Wish I had waited now… but there was no sign of them a week ago :cry:

Dont think I can swap again so soon… ahh well

I wouldn’t worry too much, given we’re at the right time of year for headlamps to be less important. I had my ID.3 Life for 6 months at the other end of the year and, whilst the headlamps and stereo were both a downgrade from even the Zoe, I never felt like I wish I’d spent an extra £30 per month; the Family has the same sub-par audio as the Life anyway! And I wasn’t really interested in any of the other differences. The panoramic roof adds more weight high up on the vehicle and is arguably only really of benefit to rear seat passengers, the seats are all equally average in my opinion. They do all drive very well though :slight_smile:

Entirely personal preference, of course, but the Life already had all the things I really value - for an “entry level” it’s pretty well equipped.

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I think you are right… @thundertim

And got to remind myself a wedding needs paying for lol


Good luck. It’s my 5 year wedding anniversary today and I’m still paying for mine :upside_down_face:




Our wedding is in October… 4th time of trying thanks to the Pandemic…