Extra KM swappable

Just an idea that I think would add a lot of value and flexibility to the subscription service.

It is awesome that we can change to a different car relatively easy when we want to. And it is awesome that right now there are quite options to choose from (at least compared to a year or two ago!).

Mileage is priced differently across 4 different tiers (as shown here), which is obviously understandable, but that means that if you want to upgrade to a bigger/more expensive car, you can’t use your unused mileage with that new car (from the customer point of view, this isn’t ideal, but this may discourage people to upgrade to a more expensive car, which obviously isn’t something that On.to wants as a company).

It would be nice if there was some sort of automatic conversion of mileage between tiers, even if that was a very ‘conservative’ conversion.

Just as an example. I’ve had a Zoe ZE50 for nearly a year and before that I had a Ze40 for another year. Both are in tier 1. I have quite a lot of unused mileage and I am looking to try the new Hyundai Kona which is in tier 2. It would be nice to get something like 0.75 miles (for example) for tier 2 cars for every 1 unused mile in tier 1 even if that isn’t the best conversion.

What do people think about this?

Has On.to thought about it? @Ayman_at_Onto


I think this would be an excellent idea. It would be simple to operate and simple to understand. They could even convert the unused mileage into Onto Rewards to make it even simpler.

Already suggested this last year and was told it’s something they would discuss


Yes I do think the tier system for mileage rollover is odd.

There must be a reason why it was implemented but I can’t see a good one myself. I could see why they wouldn’t want someone putting their 3000 built up miles from a low priced Zoe onto an ipace or etron in one month and devaluing the car but I can’t imagine there will be many people doing such an extreme swap. I’m sure if ONTO looked at the figures, they’d see that most people change to the same if not one tier difference.

As far as I know the only practical use of the tier system is the ability to charge more for excess mileage packages. Am I missing anything else? If not, then the suggestion by @enriquebp is a good workaround. Logically, the only reason not to transfer miles at a like for like rate would be if somone has purchased an excess mileage package for a lower tier car and is now driving a car in a higher tier. A conversion percentage based on the cash value of tiered miles is the best solution and one that would be solved simply with the creation of a conversion table which ONTO could use to transfer the miles.

I did exactly that, except it was a Tesla Model 3 Performance! That was in the days before the tier system, thankfully :wink:

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I’m classing you as an exception as you used it for your road trip. :joy:

I can’t imagine a lot of people will go from paying less than £400 a month for a car to £1000+.

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I think it’s a great idea, We are going to Scotland this year and currently have a ZE40.
This wouldn’t be the best with the slow charging speeds. So I looked into upgrading to the i3 or e208, but because the mileage doesn’t roll over and with me having just under 7k miles left I’ve gone for the ZE50 now.

I’m pretty sure the e208 is in the same tier as the Zoe. Unless they’ve changed it recently.

Isn’t the e-208 in the same tier as the Zoes? I didn’t lose any rollover miles when I swapped from a ZE50 to the e-Pug.

Having said that, for your Scotland trip, you may be better off with the longer range of the Zoe, even if they charge a little slower.


Oh was it the ioniq then? It may have been the e208 I discounted due to range.

I’d compared all the sub £470 cars on ABRP.

The i3 seemed to be the best, tbh the ZE50 wasn’t far behind (30) mins or so according to ABRP.

Plus we will stick with the ZE50 long term considering the small price difference. The i3 would only have been for the month due to only having 4 seats.

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E208 is Tier 1. I am loving my we Peugeot. Ot the best range, but nit bad and nice comfy car to be in for a long trip (as long as nobody is in the back) .

“Welcome to our Onto community forum!
We are launching this community to be in touch with you - a place where you can interact with us, ask questions”

Would be nice if someone from On.to would have had the chance to at least reply with a blank “we’ll consider it” a month and a half later! @Rob_at_Onto @Lily_at_Onto @Ayman_at_Onto

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It’s a great idea and should be done, I lost a ton of surplus miles when I moved to the Ioniq. But alas I think they have bigger things to be worrying about currently.


I’d like to see an exchange chart based on cost of original miles

Tier 4-3 =100%
Tier 3-2=100%
Tier 2-1=100%

Tier 1-2=75%
Tier 2-3=50%
Tier 3-4=25%

Or something like that.


Lovely to see On.to have not responded to this after 3 months. Please hire me to rethink your entire user experience and keep in contact with actual subscribers and their joys and worries with your subscription!!! :joy: @Ayman_at_Onto @Joe_at_Onto @Onto-Team @Carenza_at_Onto @Paul_at_Onto

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Something to maybe keep in mind …


Also this - I agree with both @E7EV @mozzauk on these points