Extension to the website navigation research

Hello again,

Thanks to all of you who have helped out with the navigation testing. We still need more responses so if anyone would like to help, I will leave the study open over the weekend. The average time taken to complete the task so far is just over three minutes. The task can be found here: https://ows.io/tj/cm4tnr64

Some of you suggested that the question about having a driving licence was not needed. This has now been removed, thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for your help!

(Original message below)

Great to meet you all! My name is Joe Shaffery and I joined Onto a couple of months ago to lead design (of the website and the app).

We are in the process of redesigning how the content of the Onto website is organised with a goal to make it easier to navigate and find what you need.

To help us with this, we would love to get your feedback on the new navigation through a 10 minute online activity where you will find items from a list of links. Gathering your feedback on this will be hugely valuable for our product development. There are no right or wrong answers and your participation will have no impact on your Onto subscription.

For instructions, and to complete the activity, please follow this link to the task


Completed. At the end it said that I was the first person to get all the answers correct, so will be getting a prize. One months free subscription I think it said. :wink:


The first question had me flummoxed as I had never heard of a ‘VS subscription’ :wink:

Amazing how case can alter the meaning of vs.

Think you must have had the lucky roulette spin version to get a prize.

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OH I gave up as didn’t make sense and was wondering what VS was. Always use the website but never in a such a structured process I’d be able to answer a survey. :thinking:

I knew there was something to recommend in the survey, just couldn’t think of it at the time.
What features do which cars have.
This would be far more useful if it was linked from the website.

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