Excess waiver

Hi guys can you all tell me what excess waiver companies you use. And how the excess waiver insurance works thanks.
I’m new to this having my first car from onto next week.

Take a look at Insurance4CarHire.
This is the company that most of us here have gone with. But of course it is important that you check that it is suitable for you and your circumstances and not just base it off our comments online.

It’s not exactly an excess waiver scheme, though Onto are due to re-release this at some point in future. With I4CH You have to pay the excess to Onto, then send proof to the insurance company and claim it back. So you do need to ensure you have access to the excess funds should you be unlucky and need to make a claim.

Only other thing to really say is make sure you have bought the policy to start before the start date of your rental. Existing hires will not be covered if they started prior to your insurance policy.

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Just as an update to all, I had a claim paid by IC4H just last week,