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Hello. Had an accident back in july. Reported it to Zurich. Reported it to Onto. I was not at fault. I have paid the £1000 excess the same day the sent me the invoice. Until today Onto kept telling me to contact Zurich. Zurich kept telling me to ccontact Onto. Today i had a call back that i requested last week from Zurich and the very helpful lady there told me over the phone that the claim has been marked as non-fault and said that she will be more than happy to send confirmation of this to my email adress so i do not have to contact Zurich again as Zurich has closed the case and this is the outcome. She has also said that this outcome has been marked for a long time (weeks). I did spoke to Onto before this confirmation last week. And they kept telling me that they cant refund the excess as they need confirmation from Zurich that it was a non fault and as far as they are aware, that it is my fault that accident. Why would Onto keep holding to my excess? I dont understand. The damage on the vehicle was 2 little scratches on the front bumper. The vehicle that i had from Onto, Onto did sell already. I did everything i was supposed to do. Took pictures, reported, provided third party information, paid the excess straight away. Kept chasing it for months. I still dont have my excess back. What is going on.

Sounds like Zurich have not actually confirmed the non fault status to Onto.
I’ll flag @Hena_at_Onto and @BenR_at_Onto who can hopefully sort this out quickly for you.


I just had a email from Suraj from Onto saying that you guys are waiting for the vehicle to be repaired while i did have confirmed by at least 2 of Onto employees that the vehicle has been sold already. What is going on with you all in Onto. Send me back the excess and sort out your mess yourselfs, dont get me included in your mess. Vehicle is sold. Zurich said non fault. I have proof of that. I did send you the proof. You keep telling me to wait for repairs for a vehicle that you no longer own and cant be repaired. Guys. What is going on

I am making an appoitment with the solicitors now. Enough of this BS.

Why not just do a chargeback with your Credit Card / Bank for the money…

Or do it yourself via the Small Claims court… and save yourself the cost of a solicitor

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I did contact my bank, they do take a while to answer though. I did send them everything. Waiting for reply. I did cancel my subscription with On to because of this as well last week. On to did try to charge me for another month again… I requested from on to to delete all me payment methods as everything with them is settled, they do not reply to me and keep my payment methods with them. Many things wrong with them at the moment. Everthing is fine as long as you just drive the car. Once there is some little problem. On.to gets lost.