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This is my first post and I have raised the question of damage during delivery and have been told that the car damages will be resolved upon return and I am not liable which is fair enough.

The rear badge has suffered from the typical degradation issues if you do a google search it has happened to lots of e208s. I am wondering if it is a warranty issue and does onto sort this out or should I go to Peugeot for this?

Secondly, the car was delivered with a chip in the tire wall. Am I good to just go through onto for this again? The customer service advisors are a little contradictive to say the least and I actually got told I could not keep the car and it was to be collected then another customer advisor told me that is not the case.

Lastly, I see it has been mentioned recently but I did take out the excess insurance but as I am keeping the car for more than a month am I better off going through insurance4carhire or a similar company?

Any advice is greatly appreciated and is anyone else enjoying the e208 gt?


I would think this would be a warranty issue. The early Zoes had a similar issue with the blue film peeling off the silver Renault diamond badge.

Unless it particularly bothers you, I wouldn’t take it to a dealership because you’ll just have the hassle of sorting out taking it in and potentially needing a courtesy vehicle. They’ll probably want the car all day just for a 10 minute job!

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My e-208 had damage to the sidewall, discovered on its return. I hadn’t noticed, and can’t remember it happening. Wonder if e-208s are prone to this for some reason? It may present a safety issue, so you could report it through driverline and get it replaced. Obviously if it was delivered like that, make sure you’re not invoiced for it.

What colour is the vehicle?

@E7EV thanks for the advice. I might ring them up and see what they say but yeah it sounds like an easy job and an all-day excuse from a dealership. Others have said it has been done under warranty so I will see what they say. I will report the tire to the driver line and get it replaced I think.

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so Bristol Street motors are saying that they don’t think it is covered under the warranty when it is clearly a known issue with the e208s.

Get in touch with Peugeot Customer Service directly to get the definitive (hopefully!) answer.

I had two e-208s and didn’t have this issue. Could you share a picture of the badge in question?


Same here, on my second without any badge issues?

Interested to see the photo.

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Same issues here with the rear E 208 writing