Excess insurance today

Hi guys,

I have an ionic coming on Tuesday but I need to clarify on the insurance side.

If I take out excess insurance today when would the cover start? In case of an accident etc.


It would start today but effectively on the delivery date of each particular vehicle you “hire”. Each month, you get a new contract from Onto, so your most recent renewal date is the start of your hire period for any claim.

I’m assuming you are going with insurance4carhire?

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Buy it on Monday and youll have the most time from your coverage. You’ll be covered straight away with your upcoming delivery on Tuesday, as long as the policy is active BEFORE your hire agreement start date.



As I have seen everybody mention them and how good they have been :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok I shall do that thanks again

I signed up with them too after seeing recommendations here; they asked for a start date which could be in the future - I just chose midnight on day 1 of my upcoming booking. Optimistic, perhaps, but it all worked out :smile:


Can i just clarify, if I buy the Annual Europe Car Hire Excess Insurance now that will cover me for each of my monthly rentals for the whole year with on.to. My subscription starts in 2 weeks.

Yes, just purchase the annual insurance a day ahead of the start of your subscription.

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Nice one :+1:t3:. Thanks.