Excess insurance taken £49.99 peace of mind

Having read the discussion about the insurance excess I have just taken out the insurance4excess policy my car contract starts on the 14th May and my excess ins starts on 13thMay so am I right that it covers me from the start? Thnx

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I guess you mean Insurance4carhire. Their annual policy covers any car hire/car club/courtesy car excess charges during the year. Each individual hire period must be no longer than 62 days.

On the forum, we always recommend taking it out the day before the start of your active subscription so it’s completely clear that it was in force before any hire period began.

What are you getting on the 14th?

Ze50 GT only one I could have at the time and day been waiting ages too it’s my first so will be a learning curve looking forward to it as well heard a lot of moans on here and a lot of positive about Zoe’s hopefully will be a good one reserving judgement till then :smiley:

A Zoe is a very good EV to start with, and many keep them long term and are very happy with them. Especially the ZE50 which has great range and reasonably fast CCS charging.

Remember people tend to air their negative experiences on forums more than their positive ones, although I find this forum tends to be quite balanced.

Some who have criticised the Zoe have been used to high end ICE vehicles in the past, so obviously Renault aren’t going to be in the same league. A £25k EV isn’t going to be of the same quality as a £25k ICE, because you have to factor in an £8k battery!


Agree with E7EV the Zoe is a great introduction to EV’s it has its quirks but overall a great place to start, my dislike of Zoe is well known here but I’m still glad I started with one and definitely wouldn’t change that.


Loving my red Zoe ZE50, having owned a ZE40 this 135GT feels so much more a grownup, well sorted EV, with bags more getup and go

Perhaps my only gripe is lack of adjust in drivers seat height but it’s a minor point for me anyhow as I can’t get my wife out of the car

What colour are you having

Flame red is the colour I ordered and onto confirmed it will be that but they couldn’t say what ref it will be till next week :smile::smile:

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Anyone who has emailed me on Instagram and used my code …I always tell them too take insurance4hire. It’s like £50 or £1k?

Also covers you for car clubs and rentals in the future after onto

My Zoe GT arrives tomorrow (first EV) . Only car available North at the time.

I’ve taken the Insurance4hire policy.

The thing to point out is " you must take out the policy before you start your subscription."

Definately (line of duty pun) worth taking out :+1:

Even if you forget (or weren’t aware) before delivery of your car, as each subscription renews each month, you could just wait until the day before your renewal.

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