Excess Insurance Cover - What about wear & tear and multiple drivers?

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New subscriber here (get my first car later in the week), have loads of questions that I can’t seem to find answers to directly, and these might be questions that might help other new subscribers so please reply if you can.

Lots of people recommend taking excess insurance from a third party like Insurance4carhire for around £46.99 annually instead of the £20 or £40 addon from Onto itself which is monthly so obviously works out way more expensive. Also, this needs to be taken out BEFORE the subscription starts with Onto otherwise it’s not valid (or not valid for the first month’s contract but since next month’s contract would start after that then that should be fine). Just summarizing above what I have gathered from various threads and replies so if any of the above isn’t correct, then please correct me.

My question then is that only covers in case of theft or accident. What about the small little damages that all add up to by the end of the contract and other posts suggest that these seem to be a lot on the higher side for even the smallest of scratches that should come under fair wear and tear but most people have received a rather hefty bill when returning the car. Is there a way to cover any or all of that?

Second, what if there are two names drivers (me and my partner in our case), do then we need two separate policies from Insurance4carhire as what if I take one from them in my name but the accident happens when my partner is driving (who is named on the car with Onto so insured yes) but not on the third party excess insurance … would I need to take two separate policies?

Thanks in advance; any help would be greatly appreciated as my first subscription starts this week. Any other things I have overlooked pls. do mention. A list of sorts that needs to be done BEFORE signing on would be great.

insurance4carhire’s annual policy covers you for car hire, each period not exceeding 62 days in length and car club use. Any additional drivers included on the car hire agreement are usually covered by the same policy.

Each calendar month of your ONTO hire is considered a separate hire period, and so doesn’t exceed the 62 day rule even though you have the same vehicle the following month without handing it back. Just as you would if hiring from a car rental company, the condition of the vehicle should be checked at the end of each month and any damage reported to ONTO. You would then be issued with the necessary documents so that you can claim back any damage fees paid to ONTO from your insurance company. Some things are counted as fair wear and tear, while other damage is chargeable. This would be in line with the policy of other car hire companies.

It’s advisable to read the policy wording yourself before purchasing any insurance product because everyone’s circumstances are different.

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Download the ONTO app to the phones that you will be using.

Download any vehicle manufacturer’s app such as My Renault.

If you will be charging at home using a 3 pin plug, check that the socket you will use is up to date and can handle a continuous 10 amps over many hours without overheating. Extension cables are not advised. Where used they should be capable of supporting a continual 10 amps for many hours, which the standard household ones are generally not.

Use Zap-Map to locate public chargers in your area, especially the Polar and CYC ones as they are included in your subscription.

When the vehicle is delivered, take photos of any damage both outside and inside of the vehicle and report this to ONTO immediately. Pay particular attention to the condition of any alloy wheels. If the vehicle is dirty, then clean it, to be sure nothing is being covered up.

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