Evidences are not verified by ONTO

Hello Community,

I am a fairly new ONTO customer, less than 1 year with ONTO and around 2 cars swapped. I just wanted to share my story with the Damages Department from ONTO, so everyone else can avoid having the same stress I am currently experiencing.

My last car, a Citroen eC4 has been collected on 20 April 2023 and everything went perfectly. The driver did not notice any damage, I did not notice any damage and the collection process finished successfully.

On 27 April 2023, I received a Repairs Report for damage to one of the tires. I was not aware of any damage because I did not notice anything wrong with the tire and because neither of the drivers (from delivery or collection) mentioned anything to me.
So, I started my own investigation to see if I was responsible for this damage. After a few hours of looking at my personal pictures, Repairs, Delivery and Collection Reports I found out the damage was present in the Delivery Report a few hours before the car was delivered to me, in some of the pictures taken by the driver before he started driving the car to me.

On 27 April 2023, I decided to send a dispute form to ONTO and explain where the damage is coming from. Unfortunately, the form does not allow you to add more than 1 pictures so I had to improvise and try to create 1 picture with multiple pictures stacked (1 personal picture taken during the Delivery Inspection + 1 image with the damage from Repair Report). I thought it is enough and they promised they will come back in 72 hours later.

…one eternity later…

On 3 May 2023, after a short conversation with an ONTO colleague via chat, I have been told that no updates has been done for my Case and I was advised to send more evidence to [email protected] and [email protected] , in order to support my Case. Done :wink:

…no sign for 12 days…
…no communication about any decision taken…
…nobody asked for more evidence…

On 15 May 2023, I was charged for the repair and no explanation given. I was calling ONTO to try to get more information. The ONTO colleague over the phone explained that Case has been closed and I am being charged for the repair, and if I want to dispute this to contact BVRLA. He also opened again the Case, to allow me to provide more evidence.
In the meantime, someone answer to my email from 3 May 2023, informing me the decision has been taken to not waive the cost of the damage.

The image you have provided as evidence cannot be accepted as its been edited and we dont have a time stamp for this image on the device it was taken on.

Fair enough. They could have said that 12 days ago and I would have provided more detailed evidence.

I was preparing a new email and I have sent it to them. These are just a few pictures provided, just to understand the level of details I was willing to provide (personal or location information has been removed from pictures for this post)

On 16 May 2023 (today), I receive this email

We have reviewed this further and the there is no change on our decision and the Outcome of the Dispute. If you are still not happy with this then you are welcome to raise this with the BVRLA and they will investigate this further on your behalf.

No explanation why they decided to not waive the cost of the damage. At this point, I am not even sure if someone REALLY looked at the pictures I have provided.

It would be great if someone had this issue before with ONTO and what are the steps to recover my money, because it’s clear the damage is not done by me.
In case someone from ONTO is really interested, the Case Ref. is 51230.

Flagging @BenR_at_Onto to review.


Thanks for the help :wink: The case has been closed 2 hours after their final decision to not waive the cost of the repair and sent me to BVRLA, ONTO apologised for the mistake and the money has been refunded (I forgot to mention that I was charged on 15 May 2023)