Evezy i3...a Wannabe Tesla?

Found this post on another forum. A warning to all new evezy i3 subscribers, and maybe a cause of embarrassment to an existing one.

“I can take you straight back to the topic with my latest experiences. This one isn’t about being rude or disrespectful so much as it is further supporting the need for more education. This time with an Evezy i3 who made the mistake of plugging in to a Tesla supercharger which for some reason the car decided to hold onto and refuse to unlock the cable.

Driver explained they had the car for a while now but were running out of Polar/CYC chargers to use around here due to them breaking down or being inaccesible due to the virus. Stupidly, the BMW Navigation apparently shows the Tesla charging points so he tried that and managed to get the cable stuck. With the one Tesla owner there at the time too busy laughing his ass off to help, Tesla not being able to assist quickly, and the driver terrified of calling Evezy and getting a fine for doing this it does make me wonder how long they would have been stuck there for if I hadn’t pointed out the existence of the emergency release.

I had never really thought about it before, but Evezy is a great example where a little guide would help especially when someone is expected to walk up to a car, often someone’s first ever experience with an EV, work it out completely alone and drive off… This has definitely got me motivated to try and improve guidance for new users of some car club brands that I work with too, in an attempt to make sure that everyone feels confident using and charging a plug-in vehicle.

(As a side note, this appeared to be a 94Ah i3. I didn’t think they still had any of these in their fleet?)“


No one to blame but himself, RTFM

To be fair if it fit in the hole why not try it?
Fair play to him

As they say, try anything once. But if he didn’t bother to learn about charging first and doesn’t know how to use google then more instructions from Evezy aren’t going to help.