EV Charging Calculator

Hi everyone,

I put together a quick EV charging calculator for myself last week, and just thought it might be useful for other EV drivers as well, so I added all cars in onto’s fleet for now and put it online for everyone to use:


It was quickly put together so apologies if you find any bugs!


Looks good @lgrok



That’s awesome. Thank you.

Can you link to it from the Comparison page you made?


I’ve added the link to the comparison app now :slight_smile:


Looks great. I have often though it might be useful to have a calculator to try and estimate charge times too… I know I often do the calculation in my head…

Obviously there are a lot of variables that affect the actual time taken, but some charge curves are available.

Let me know if you need someone to work on it with you! I do have a bit of an ev project of my own in the making, which once it nearly works I will share!


I was thinking about estimating charge times yesterday. I think with enough sample data and using a bit of machine learning it could be quite accurate, but that would be a community effort really to get enough data. You would need enough people to keep reporting their charging times including their start and end percentages, the type of charger, the time it took, and the outside temperature.

I found that the charging curves can be a good starting point, but in my experience there have been too many times where their data and the real life experience have been off by quite a bit, in either direction.


Looks good :slight_smile:

I tried to make one a while back, but the numbers don’t ever seem very accurate:

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