European Driving Disneyland!

Disneyland is reopening next month, I usually drive there and back for a day trip in the park!
Have we any update on taking EVEZY vehicles abroad yet?


No, I think evezy were waiting for the easing of lockdown restrictions before announcing driving abroad.

One day at Disneyland, fourteen days self isolating. Is it worth it?


If you believe tonight’s news it would appear Borris has a big announcement tomorrow and lockdown will pretty much be over.
I’ve had emails today about my gym & local cinema reopening next week.

Disneyland I usually go last week in August. If UK quarantine is still in place I won’t be going but I doubt it will be as EasyJet and Ryanair recommence Holiday flights in couple weeks.

Will look forward to EVEZY releasing info on Europe travel soon, hopefully you all get your new Zoe’s and I can have an i3.


Please feel free to jump in here if I am wrong, but I believe @Rob_Evezy said in this interview that European driving is ready to rock, but at the point it was we were all in lockdown, so they didn’t press the launch button.

As things stand today, international travel is still being discouraged, but that might change in the next few days / weeks.

(It is well worth watching that interview, some great insight to be had!)


2weeks of quarantine in France for Brits? I thought that there was suppose to be a “travel corridor” between France and UK?

Also, does anyone have experience using the charging networks in France? Will the Evezy Polaris charging cards work in France?


I doubt it. The Model 3 drivers will be alright as they can use the Tesla SuC network.

Thanks! Any alternatives? Is there a reliable network across France?

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Does anyone know what the situation is with excess miles and the additional mileage packages - is it possible to do your 1,000 miles, then do 750 miles from the package, and also then do additional miles on top and pay for those per mile? In short, can you do more than 1,750 miles in a month?

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Short answer is… nobody knows… yet.
Depends on any rollover, banking miles from previous months.

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I just quickly totted up my monthly mileages and I reckon I’m currently about 4K under - so does that mean I can now use them in one go if, just for example, I fancied doing a Bjørn and driving to North Cape and back… ? If so, I wouldn’t need to use any mileage packages anyway…right?

Or would I still have to buy a package (or two if the trip straddled my month start/end date), and buy additional miles on top, and then get these reimbursed at the end of my subscription?

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@BillN Originally I suggested that we should be able to use miles we had accumulated during lockdown without paying for exceeding the 1000 mile allowance. Evezy agreed that this was a good idea, but that this had to be done by the end of July.

After feedback from subscribers following the launch of the extra mileage packages, Evezy have gone back to have a rethink. This was due to the negative reaction to the plan to not be able to rollover mileage from previous months. Rob announced that nobody would pay for exceeding their monthly allowance as long as they did no more than 12k miles pa (or pro rata if the subscription was terminated before). They are keen to implement a mileage rollover feature on their app, even if this is difficult to do.

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Thanks @E7EV. I guess my query is, if I decided later this summer to drive 4k ish miles to northern Norway and back within a single month subscription period (avoiding Sweden and assuming Evezy will be launching European travel ASAP, is that likely to be a problem, and how much (if anything) would I need to stump up now for miles, given I’ve got 4K miles ‘in the bank’…

We’ll have to wait for European Driving to be launched to see if there are any mileage restrictions. If not, then you should be able to use the miles that you have accumulated without any further charge. That is what Rob committed to in this post:

“Hi all, I’m sorry to hear this - adding an additional feature that then negatively impacts the majority of our customers isn’t our intention. Since the inception of Evezy our goal has been to provide the best possible service to help our customers transition to EVs. With transparency and at the best possible value.

We have spent months debating and testing various ways to be able to offer additional miles. It is complicated by the fact that plans are monthly and we need a solution that works across the platform, reflects on the app the remaining mileage you have that month and works in various fringe scenarios (for example swapping your car mid-month).

However, I will hold my hands up and say we have made a mistake. We need to (and will) find a solution where mileage can roll-over, however difficult the technical implementation is for us.

Covid 19 has caught all of us by surprise and has impacted business and people in ways we just hadn’t foreseen. We had never imagined cars being unused for long periods of time. It is clear that with our new program customers would be unable unable to take advantage of the miles they have accumulated.

For this we apologise. Effectively immediately, no one will be charged overage miles if their average mileage over the life of their subscription is under the 1,000 miles a month. This will be confirmed via email in the next few days and we will work on a technical fix to reflect this through your user profile and app.

(Italics mine)

I too have about 4K miles accumulated, and intend to use them on road trips, although not as far as the one you’re planning!


Hi @Lily_at_Evezy, in light of the news below, can we expect an update from Evezy on European travel early next week? Many thanks


Email from Evezy just now detail overall plan…

Exciting news here at Evezy. Today we are launching European Union travel!

This has been ready for a few months now, but with the Covid-19 travel restrictions we didn’t feel it was right to encourage you to travel abroad. However, with travel restrictions now lifting we are happy to finally launch it. If you do decide to travel this summer, please follow government advice, be responsible and stay safe.

As promised and as a thank you for sticking with us while you were travelling less, everyone who had an active subscription before June 1, 2020 will get 1 free week of European Union travel! When submitting your travel request form, our team will take this into account and calculate the cost accordingly.

Here is how Evezy European Union travel works:

  1. Let our customer service team know that you want to travel abroad, and they will send you the EU travel request form for you to fill out. Please make sure to complete the form at least 14 days before you plan to travel.
  2. We will review your request and get back to you with the next steps.
  3. Then we will charge the travel fee and send you all the relevant European Union travel documents.
  4. Enjoy your journey!

Where can you travel?

You will be able to take your Evezy car to any country that is part of the European Union.

How much will it cost?

The cost will depend on where you are going and for how long. You can find more detailed information about this on the travel request form, or ask our team.

The reason for this additional cost is that we need to arrange additional insurance and break down cover for when you’re abroad.

What about charging?

We include charging with the Polar Plus Network as part of your subscription, but they only have stations in the UK. This means that if you are travelling abroad you will need to find out which providers are in that country to charge your car, and arrange this yourself.

If you are driving a Tesla, you will still have access to the supercharger network when abroad. You can see a map of all their stations here.

Anything else you need to know?

Different countries have different regulations when it comes to driving. You are responsible for adhering to the law in the country you are in, and paying any road tolls or fines that you incur during your journey.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

With love,

The Evezy Team

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Hi @Lily_at_Evezy - does the European travel announcement mean that there is no way it would be possible to drive into Norway, if famously not being an EU member state?

Maybe you can double check the insurance etc won’t cover EEA countries (i.e including Norway)

Many thanks!

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I just got off the phone with evezy and they will not support countries outside the EU. I was planning to drive to Switzerland at the end of the month and now it is a no go :frowning: