Europe Charging tips?

Can anyone help with European charging tips?

We are taking the ID3 Eurotunnel, driving through France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium etc setting off real soon. A couple of questions

Is there an equivalent of Zapmap for Europe? to see charging notes of broken chargers I found chargemap community

If a Mer charger is listed in better route planner and not on Shell recharge does that mean it’s not included?

A search through the posts can see plan of sticking with Ionity and Fastned. How long was your longest wait time for a free CCS for Ionity eg in France?

Did you stick with the Shell RFID card or use the app? Did you pay for any other charging apps?

Is there a way to know if any of these chargers are undercover? Prefer not to get drenched if there is a choice.

Plan so far with the Shell card to charge up at Ionity before Eurotunnel (given zapmap reviews are poor for eurotunnel charging). Might stop at Rely as a test stop to figure out how to use the charger. Use Ionity through France till Switzerland. Hoping the RFID works through the rest of the trip.

For anyone thinking of taking a trip, get your insurance booking in Early. I used my rewards points to part pay. Unfortunately I had to keep chasing for documentation. You won’t have a confirmation email once your request is in. The points convert to £ depending on how much you have and deducted accordingly (pretty good). Once it is processed the email says will receive documents 4 days after payment processed. However I had to chase to get the payment taken otherwise no docs. Received the cover by special delivery in time. @Adam_at_Onto FYI I saw in another post you were looking in to this process.

@Tangent12 @Jparwyn71 @manub read your posts and help to any of the questions?

Have downloaded Chargemap, Ionity and Fastned to check real time availability.

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I’ve found the Shell Recharge app extremely helpful. I charged in France and the Shell card worked without any problem.

I also got myself a Chargemap Pass just in case but never had to use it.

ABRP is a good app for planning, although not sure traffic and/or closures are reliable.

I did charge at IONITY M20 before the tunnel and it was great.

Have a safe trip!


Agree with this. Ionity at Maidstone Services on the M20 is great. Never had to queue and they always work