EU Travel - Optimising my subscription

I’ve started the swap and paperwork to get a car for EU travel.

I’m trying to do some calculations to work out how to get the best value out of mileage allowance add ons (i.e. can I get away with no paying on a per mile basis?).

Dates (these might be important):
Car swap completes 6th July.
Travel to EU starts 1st August
Back to UK by 21st (latest)

My first assumption is by swapping I start a new renewal cycle, so start with 750 miles (I will be getting a premium tier car and have no mileage credits to carry). Between the 6th July and 1st August I plan to drive at least 500 miles. It is then 300 miles to Dover to get on the chunnel. Then planning over the next few days (3-5) to work my way to Germany which will be another 700 miles. Adding all that up that will put me at 1.5k miles by around 6th August, so it makes sense to buy the 1000mile addon?

As an aside I believe I can buy it part way through my subscription, so as I get close to 750 miles then I can get it? If someone could clarify that would be great.

Then I’m in Germany, I assume I am going to be doing some driving around then head back to get back to the UK for 21st August. At this point there is no rollover, so I’m going to assume it is 1000 miles at least to get back (I’m considering saving some miles by taking the ferry from the Netherlands). So I will need at least the 250 mile package depending on the exact route but happy to buy another 1000 if I think I need it.

So are my calculations correct, is there something missing?
Essentially I’ll need to max out my mileage allowance with bolt-ons for the 1st month and then for the 2nd month probably do the same.

Now I have my last question if I then swap the moment I get back (assume I planned the swap in advance for say 23rd August) will I be charged as the mileage allowance is prorata-ed and I will then be over if I don’t purchase more miles? Or should I just keep the car until the next renewal date?

Current tier and subscription renewal date?
New tier and swap date?
Post trip tier and potential swap date?

Are you likely to return to the higher tier during the following year so as to be able to use any mileage credit remaining during your holiday hire?

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I figured you would be in first :wink:

Current tier: Small and renewal on the 25th
New Tier: Premium and swap 6th July
Post trip Tier: Not sure probably Medium and swap as soon as possible after the trip (22/23 if possible)

Unlikely to go back to premium tier and currently have no credit in that tier.


It’s going to be a challenge not to end up with too much mileage credit in three tiers!


From 25/6 to 6/7 you will pay the pro rata rate and get 25 miles a day with any unused becoming a credit in this tier.
From 6/7 to 6/8 you’ll pay the rate for the premium vehicle and get 750 miles. You can only have one bolt on, so could wait until the end of the month to see how things are panning out and which bolt on would be the most appropriate.
From 6/8 to 22/8 you pay pro rata for the premium vehicle and get 25 miles a day. Presumably around 20/8 you can decide on which bolt on you need in order to avoid incurring overage charges. You’ll have to calculate whether it’s cheaper to get a bolt on which would leave you with a credit, or pay for those miles on a per mile overage basis.
22/8 onwards will start a new hire cycle in the medium tier vehicle with a 750 mile allowance.

Hopefully any mistakes in this take on the situation will motivate others to participate in this thread!

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Yeah I’ve given up on trying to reuse the miles but who knows I might switch between tiers as I have a year.