Etron code for my Audi

I’m a new driver with, I am trying to set up the my Audi app but I don’t have a code to continue.
I had nothing with my key and no connect card as it requests.
Can anyone tell me if I need to do something that maybe I am missing or maybe where I get the code from?:grin: thanks in advance.

Ring/email/WebChat ONTO to see if the code is attached to the key that they have kept.

If a code is lost, you can ring Audi Customer Services on 0800 699 888. It seems though there is a fee of £70 for supplying a new code.

If this is the case, and would need to be done each time a new subscriber has the vehicle, ONTO may prefer that the My Audi app is not used.

Thanks for this, can’t see how it can’t be used really as Onto app is very basic indeed.
Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated.

ONTO may well give you the code if it’s attached to the key that they keep.

When you hand the car back though, you would need to cancel your My Audi account. Or at least remove that particular vehicle from it. Could someone else then use the same code, without paying a fee? Hopefully, otherwise a nice little earner for Audi every time a vehicle is sold/transferred.

It’s worth pursuing with ONTO as another subscriber who has an Audi but not on this forum may have requested their code already.

I’m sure I read someone found the code in the glove box, it may well have been the card was in the glove box for that particular user.

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This is the post I remember seeing HERE

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If you are the other onto daytona grey etron in crantock i have almost exactly the same car, parked about 100m away… what are the chances… but yeah it was in a plastic tag thing in glovebox along with the consignment notes for a couple of kona’s