End of the Ioniq :(

Hyundai, have announced the death of the Ioniq (38kWh)


A sad day for one of the most iconic, and efficient EV’s, which was my Introduction to EV’s thanks to OntO…


What’s it being replaced by? Nothing half as good I bet.

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Ioniq 5 :smiley:

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Nothing :frowning:

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With years of accolades and meaningful partnerships, IONIQ has been a pioneering force in the field of electrified mobility. The innovations and progress made by the model have paved the way for the new generation of Hyundai BEVs to build on IONIQ’s history of top safety, value, efficiency, and design. Although there will be no direct successor to IONIQ, its spirit will live on through Hyundai’s IONIQ EV line-up brand.

It’s a real shame to see the official confirmation that there’s nothing to follow in it’s place aside from either a 39kWh Kona or stepping up to the new EVs in the Ioniq series. The classic model really is something special in the EV World with it’s great value for money and efficiency that competitors still struggle to meet even today.


Think the ‘replacement’ will be the Ioniq 6…

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The 7 is better

I’m really not a fan of the looks of that thing!

The Ioniq 7 is one butt ugly car.

The Ioniq 6 is more aimed at Jaguar owners etc, and will be if rumours are correct over £50K

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Looks like a big chevvy to satisfy the US market

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 6 price and release date

Hyundai hasn’t announced how much the Ioniq 6 will cost, but it has said that it’ll launch the car in 2022. Sales are expected to start in 2023. The smaller Ioniq 5 SUV starts from £37,000, so it’s likely the Ioniq 6 will set you back closer to £50,000.

Jaguar prices are likely to be 6 figures, so £100k plus when the new ‘reimagine’ vehicles appear.

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If Hyundai have started with the 5 model in the Ioniq sub brand, doesn’t that mean that theoretically there should be 4 smaller models coming out in the next few years ?


That’s my understanding.
Seems the 4 might be a Kona replacement, although that’s speculation…


The other lower numbers will probably use a smaller ev platform…


Really hope they do bring out a sub-£30k model. With the Leaf being retired too it seems MG will be free to get a good hold of the sub-£30k family car market that the Ioniq and Leaf are leaving

Problem with MG is that they are really struggling to get cars delivered. Because of the lockdown in shanghai the factories have had a massive backlog.

A few for subscription here @ £399 a month

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