Email addresses for ONTO

I got an email saying my key couldn’t be sent out because my billing address doesn’t match - I wasn’t aware that it had to! I had my car delivered to my partner’s address as that’s where I’ve been staying during lockdown.

The email says to phone (nobody answered, although it’s probably past office hours now) or email [email protected] but that address is bounced as the address is unknown. Replying to the email ([email protected]) bounces because the domain is unknown. Sending to [email protected] bounces because the address is unknown. Sending to [email protected] hasn’t bounced (yet?) but clearly some work is needed to set up aliases or to fix the sender and template addresses in the outgoing email…

Hopefully I can get the key issue resolved too! :crossed_fingers:

The email address i had said [email protected] no S?

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Hmm, just checked again. The original announcement mentioned no email address, the Typeform confirmation used [email protected] and the message I received yesterday used [email protected]:see_no_evil:

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Looks like a typo in that screenshot it shows… key and below it shows… keys

Onto use Google for email (by the look anyway from published DNS records) – would probably be best to add an alias on the group so that both [email protected] and [email protected] goes to the same place!

Hi all thanks for bringing this to our attention, the email address was really just for the forms, and for any other enquiries it should be [email protected] as usual as the keys address will be switched off eventually. I think we may have addressed your email into [email protected] @infra, but please let us know if not.

I am sorry this caused an issue as we are dealing with hundreds of requests, there are bound to be some issues and this has been one of them, thanks for raising this so we can address this


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