Elmo price match

Hello everyone just wondering if anyone ever had a price match with the other competition? I see Elmo offering a zoe GT line for £379

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Onto offer the best prices they can at any given time. They’ve been known to reduce the prices for everyone before as soon as they can make it financially viable.

There’s no price matching though. If you can find a better deal elsewhere that works better for you personally, then the only way to get it is to sign up for it with them. Good look actually getting a £379 Zoe in stock though.

It’s important to note that Onto and Elmo can’t be directly compared though. Their offering isn’t the same. For example no charging as standard. And if you add it at an extra cost it’s BP Only.


It’s not comparable though as Onto don’t offer that specific model of Renault Zoe anymore, seems to be just the newer S Edition and GT Line + models - whereas the Elmo offering is the original ZE50. Unless I am mistaken.

There is this though at the top of Onto’s website currently…

Renault Zoe GT Line + offer

Celebrate 10 years of the Renault Zoe with £100 off the first month. Add ‘ZOE100’ when you sign up.
*Offer valid for Zoe GT Line +. New customers only.

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It does also say “coming soon”. Doesn’t look like any are in stock.

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They’re just recycling old stock. Elmo don’t seem to defleet as soon as ONTO. These Zoes must be over 2 years old by now. They only come up occasionally because at that price most are hanging on to them for as long as they can.


And the mileage is 850, they say don’t worry if you go over your mileage, we can sort that out, yeah I bet they do at like £2 a mile or something.

I nearly jumped ship to these when they offered me a polestar for £750 a month… turned out it was a mistake on their part apparently.

As has already been said, nearly every car is “coming soon”

I would have snapped their hands off for a Polestar 2 at that price…

And to fair they should have honoured it…

Just noticed this on Elmo, its no longer a 1 month Subscripton service



Yeah the difference between Onto and Elmo is with Elmo, they average out the miles (or so I’m told - if this is duff info then ignore :joy:) so you can go over one month but as long as it all balances out at the end, it’s not an issue, whereas with Onto if you’re going to go over on month one, you’ve got to buy a bolt-on.

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Elmo prices don’t came with recharge .
So the price you see it’s without recharge + delivery fee . I believe you can had recharge but no idea how much will cost but looks like you will be worst off

I did 1600 miles in August and never heard anything. My monthly average is currently 750 miles. I THINK this is still a thing.

£10 a month extra for BP Pulse. Suits me fine and I very rarely need to use any other network.

Elmo are upfront about their delivery fee - it’s recently changed and similar to the new Onto fees.

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