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Hi all I’m just about to sign up for GOELECTRIC plan with EDF 5p kwh off peak and just 14p peak who are you with and does this seem a good deal

If you are going to be charging your ONTO vehicle at home a lot then that doesn’t sound bad. But if you can use the free public charging included with ONTO most of the time it may be worth going for a tariff that’s cheap all day instead. I’m on 12p/kWh with ESB.

Really depends what your usage is like. If you can shift more than just your EV Charging to off peak times it may still be worth it. Just be careful with your gas. You may find that costs more if you are also switching that to EDF at the same time, or if you are leaving it elsewhere you may lose a dual fuel discount.

Finally, remember to go through Quidco to get cashback on your switch if you do go ahead!

I’m on bottled gas and most of my charging is done at home or work as I have a 7kwh charger at work for my electric fleet. With eon paying 17p kwh atm so I’ll be saving alot really and I’ll have a look at quidco thanks

I am with Octopus Energy, on the agile tariff.

I don’t charge the car at home, and we average around 5 - 6kwh per day for standard domestic use.

For those that don’t know, the agile tariff takes the half hourly readings your smart meter can record, and charges you the market rate for that time of day.

The rate varies depending on the energy mix (IE the different type of generation use) and the forecast demand for that time of day. The major peak period is between 16.00 and 19.00 each day, where rates can go up to 35p per kWh, but there are plenty of periods of the day where the cost is 10p per kWh.

This has made us conscious about when we use electricity, avoiding the peaks, and therefore we are able to use cleaner, lower carbon power.

At the moment in the depths of winter, we are on average, paying slightly more than the 14p per kWh standard rate (as it stands, over the last 6days it is 59p more), but in the warmer months we are making some savings.

All of octopus energy is low carbon, and there is no commitment, so if you find the agile tariff doesn’t work for you, you can easily switch back to a standard one!

If anyone is interested, my referral link is: share.octopus.energy/ore-sage-309
If you sign up we both get £50 credit!

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Recommend Octopus Energy either Agile or GO tariffs which are cutting edge with no other supplier offering half hourly pricing. You must have a smart meter in order to have this tariff, so if you have already got a smets2 (or even some smets1 meters will work) you are good to go. With yet another lockdown, there might be delays in getting a smart meter, but well worth it in the end. Many people have the Agile tariff and can time shift so they use very little electricity in the 4 till 7 pm peak. Others just do cooking as normal in that slot. Many may have solar PV and battery storage solutions which work even better with this tariff. Octopus work closely with many key technologies and Tesla Powerwall2 owners have a special plan which pays for exporting electricity to help mange the grid demand.
You can have both elecy and gas with Octopus, or just elecy.
If you have gas sometimes is better to sign up to different suppliers as dual fuel offers can be good on one, but very poor on the other fuel.
This is just a taster of what they do. Check out their website and blogs etc.

I have been on Octopus Agile almost a year now and it’s saved me lots of money compared to other suppliers/tariffs. I do have solar and a Powerwall2. Like others have said you can use referrals and get £50 off your bill, both parties benefit.
My code is share.octopus.energy/tan-okapi-750

Don’t bother using compare sites as many good options will not be visible.
Here’s a reasonable list of most available…

I had a crazy crazy dream the other day, one of those “dreams within a dream” moments, I was thinking of a V2G setup with ONTO :rofl:

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