Electric cars we're excited to see in 2023!

The electric car world had a huge year in 2022 with new car launches from Citroen, BMW and Renault. This year, things are only going to get even bigger with a range of new models being introduced to the market.

From Fisker, Peugeot and Rolls Royce, we’ve compiled a list of the new electric cars we can’t wait to see this year! Check it out here.

What electric car can you not wait to see (& drive)? Let us know in the comments below.


Jeep avenger definitely really nice looking car :smiley: please add the polestar 2 and the id4 or id5 gtx to the fleet :rofl:

If the fisker is around 800 I’ll be first on the list

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I second that…and it comes in yellow :wink:

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Wonder of the Jeep will suffer the same charging issues as some other Stellantis Cars, and the GOM, that really is a guess…

I dont like it sorry, think its an ugly car

Funky Cat

Renault 5 if it happens!

Smaller Tesla, if that’s going to happen too!

Smaller Kona/Niro type car from the Koreans

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This is all just nonsense. Could you not focus on making a Kia e niro 3 or 4 available

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