Electric Brighton's "EB Go!" Network

We’ve been lucky enough in Brighton to be enjoying free charging from all the 240+ public chargers (at least the one’s that work!), since I joined ONTO in October, but they have now started charging again.

There are actually very few Shell and BP chargers in Brighton, so my question is does anyone know if ONTO have plans to work with EB Charging and make it part of the included networks?

I asked EB Charging on twitter, if they are joining Shell etc as they are a provider up here in Yorskshire, and there response so far has been a resounding silence…

As its another bleedin App…

Electric Blue have been included as part of the Shell Recharge roaming agreement for a good few months now. You should be able to use them no problem.

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None of them are showing in the Recharge App or for that matter the new ones in Leeds on Zap Map

Will try tomorrow with my shell card…

Yes, when we started in Oct they all appeared on the Shell app - now they do not. EBCharging have also created a new app called EB Go! and told everyone to remove the old Electric Blue app. Its all very confusing.

I have emailed there support email address not expecting much from them to be honest…

Just checked myself and they’ve all disappeared from the Shell app in my area too. Very strange.

Hopefully they still work with the Shell RFID card.


Looks like they have disappeared off the Shell Recharge website as well…

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Ok, so I tried to use the App, and it charged my card £26.50 as pre auth (that is not on)… then it cancelled the transaction on the App.

The car still charged, and the location Stourton Park and Ride is still on Free Vend as per the contract according to support, and was impressed they answered in 2 minutes.

The chargers no longer have RFID card readers on them.

Apart from everything else…


No longer have? Or just have the reader hidden by a vinyl wrap? I know one of their chargers in Hexham not too far away from me wrapped over it but the reader still works if you know where it is.

Similarly, if it’s one of the EVBox Troniq chargers (same as Geniepoint use) then the screen itself is the RFID reader. They don’t make the card readers obvious but they should still be there, and remain functional.

The only time I have seen Electric Blue units without card readers is some of their lamp post sockets. They have to be activated with the app.

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The ones at Stourton, Not the rapids have no sign of a RFID reader, although the sign is there for them on the charger, they are not there as tried a couple of RFID cards, and not one beeped.

These are brand new chargers.

I didnt try the Rapids, as was parked up for the day.

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A pre auth is pretty normal, if it doesn’t get finalised as a transaction you’ll not see it hit your actual balance and it won’t take you into overdraft etc.

I recommend always using a credit card, though, so you can charge back anything which isn’t authorised, and so you doing have to give your primary debit card details to multiple third parties.

It was more the fact that the chargers are on Free Vend and will be for a good while according to EB as per the contract with WYMetro, and yet it still charged a pre auth…

Been told to just plug in and go get the Electric Bus

All sorted now as its been cancelled.

I charged using the shell card at the chargers in Churchill Sq car park in Brighton yesterday, for reference

Obviously an expensive place to park, but they are 22kw chargers so that helps a little.

In Brighton, the EB rapid chargers at Preston Park are still on free vend. Sitting there on charge right now. I do hope they go ahead with Shell partnership and integration. Being able to use the lamppost chargers in Brighton transformed my EV usage.

The EB chargers in Brighton have just reappeared on the Shell app… will investigate….

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My local EB charger which has been broken for yonks has also just reappeared on the Shell APP, however, it’s branded as ‘GreenFlux’. Never heard of them.

EB helpline has no idea why their charging points are showing up on the Shell app… :sob:

Greenflux do the back end stuff for a lot of charging companies, but they don’t run or manage charging networks from what I can tell…

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