EDF Ioniq lease - a good deal?

Saw this online for £188 guide price from EDF. Thought I would ask you knowledgeable folk if this was a good deal?


Just some general points.

EDF are passing business to Drive Electric
There are a few incentives to sign up with EDF as your supplier
Minimum 24 month contract
Insurance and maintenance not included
Default mileage is 5k so select more to get true cost if needed
Always use the total cost (deposit + instalments + admin fee) to compare different deals
Use car leasing comparison sites to compare other deals


Hyundai Ioniq

EDF (3+23) 38kWh New, 10k miles, £288 a month
ONTO (1) 28 Wh Used, 12k miles, £419 a month

Zoe R135 Iconic

EDF (3+23) New, 10k, not CCS, £326 a month
ONTO (1) New, 12k, CCS, £389 a month

So will depend on whether servicing, maintenance and your personal insurance costs are less than £131/£63 a month (Ioniq/Zoe) and what value you put on no long term commitment.

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Thank you that is very valuable.
My mileage looks like it will be within 5K a year the £188 month tariff this year. Under normal times the pricing point for onto’s rolling contract maybe more agreeable than it is right now. The polar chargers are free 1 out of 10 times near me. If onto had a rebate for less mileage and good behaviour may make it more attractive with their model to sell on their cars.

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For 5k miles it’ll be £251 amortised over 24 months. Not a bad price. Can’t be matched by ONTO, especially if you live in a low risk insurance area.

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