Easee charger


That’s probably the device I’d be most interested in if having a home charger installed, although I’d probably wait for the alleged future revision with built-in PEN fault detection to avoid extra wall boxes around the place.

The Norwegians know a thing or two about EV infrastructure and harsh environment and I’d trust them to have a well tested, reliable solution.

The Efixx guys on YouTube also did an installation review on these devices, except they appeared to have at least skim-read the instructions and thus didn’t brutalise the units and break bits off them, unlike Jordan from Artisan :roll_eyes:

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It’s interesting but surely that means the most expensive part of the charger just un clips and is totally usable in another back box - hopefully risk of electrocution is enough to deter people but I think having it screwed to the wall has some advantages.
The load sharing and queueing is interesting.