Early review of VW ID3

Signed up to Onto last week Tuesday, ordered the VW ID3 immediately as it had just popped up for order.

Process all together was absolutely amazing and easy to do. My payment got declined as I wanted to see if Onto would approve me before actually paying, which they did very quickly.

Called customer service in the morning next day and they took the payment and said the delivery date is confirmed.

The community here is amazing and the customer service so far is excellent.

Today I got an email at 8.30am saying the car will be delivered today and the driver will be in contact approx 30 minutes before he turns up.

At 9am I had a knock on the door, and to my surprise the driver was here! Smooth handover process, explained where the cards are and cables, and then took some photos of my driver license, handed key over and said goodbye.

Initial reaction on the car, it looks absolutely stunning. Keeping in mind I may be bias, as I’ve never driven a pure EV car before but have Vans (Very cheap vans that are horrible to drive).

I connected the VW app to my phone, and also messed around with some settings in the car before setting off for the first time.

Initial thoughts “Wow its so smooth!” Every bump in the road is softer than my old car/what I’ve driven. It kind of feels like the ID3 floats over smaller pot holes/bumps, the torque is amazing, and does the job very well on roundabouts/junctions when you just need that extra push to get out.

The quality isn’t a big concern of mine, the best car I’ve ever driven was a Volvo S90 in the US on my holiday, so I can’t really compare, it is certainly not as great as my all leather 2004 Jaguar S-Type interior (Leather + Wood finish) but its not BAD.

I was a bit overwhelmed and still am with the infotainment system and all the settings and considering I am a tech guy with 5+ years in IT, that is a big deal.

Placement of the screens are good, and the seats are very comfy. The centre console and its storage is a pleasant surprise with its space etc.

Other than that, still early days, so far I’ve been extremely happy and smiling whilst driving it around!

I will eventually try out another EV that Onto does in the future, but really I think I’m going to be absolutely satisfied and happy with the ID3 for at least a couple of months.

Joining Onto was the best decision I’ve made (and also good for my wallet as the Jag now can be sold!).


Awesome review - can’t wait for mine :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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