Early Collection, No Refund & Refusal to honour agreements verbally & in writing

Hi all,

never wanted to have to write one of these posts but unfortunately I seem to have exhausted the other reasonable options.

I arranged to return the our Fiat 500e as we had ordered a Zoe on a private lease, and asked if a refund was possible if collected early - Onto said no, so ok fine, arranged to keep the Fiat until the end of the month.

Onto confirmed the collection date in an email.

2 weeks before the collection date agreed, a driver from Engineis arrived out of the blue to collect the Fiat (good thing I was home that day!). I explained the confusion & rang Onto to ask. I spoke to a very helpful Urszula who confirmed that it had been a miscommunication & apologised.

I said that, to save the delivery driver having to come again in 2 weeks, I could release the car today (luckily it was pretty clean!) as long as they agreed to refund the remaining amount of subscription. I thought this was pretty fair & a useful suggestion, Urszula put me on hold for a minute to double check this & then returned to say yes this was ok.

She then kindly followed up with an email to say she had raised a ticket ( 27687) to make sure it was refunded.

Confusingly, I received a text from Engineis a week later to say they would be there to pickup the Fiat (despite already picking it up). Onto live chat confirmed it was an error, but I did worry someone would attempt to pick it up again! Either way, it seems not all systems are aligned on this.

I have chased several times via live chat, email & calling (currently on hold to secondary support for 20minutes), however I suspect the account notes do not contain the above details as it is a confusing trail to say the least. Urzula, Hassan (who confirmed the collection date), Shaz, Sreekethan, Leigha have all been lovely, however unable to help with this issue.

@Adam_at_Onto / @Carol_at_Onto please can I ask for your help to resolve this? I would not have released the car if I’d known the refund would not be processed - I was let to believe both verbally & in writing that it would. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Onto experience & disappointed to leave on this note.

Good Evening Tim, I hope you are well. I have sent you a message in regards to the issues you are having, so we can look into them and get them resolved for you.

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Hi all,

just to say this has now been sorted, thanks to Amy & Samia for resolving the issue.

I hope Onto continues to prosper, & whilst pricing means we are having to leave, I suspect this is mainly symptomatic of the wider market.

The biggest advantage Onto have is flexibility, so new options such as with/without charging are promising. With the improving supply situation for EV’s, we can also hope for better financials in terms of both monthly costs & mileage allowances!

Thanks to all on the forum for advice & assistance through the many threads.