E208 Wish You Knew

Hi, my E208 is booked for the new year. Excited is an understatement. However, my local Peugeot showroom is only offering virtual tours of the car. So it got me thinking, are there any things about the car that you wish you knew about, things that perhaps didn’t make sense or figure out initially that you could share? Or just general info that could help the next person…

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Is this your first EV or have you have EV’s before, some people say the infotainment centre takes a lot of getting used to after a Zoe but previous I’d had an ICE Citroen so i was used to it already and found navigating it easy.

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Great car all around, my second EV after ZOE ZE50. The only thing that’s killing me right now is 1% of charge is pretty much 1 mile of range, which is very poor, and it’s not even that cold.

Yes indeed except yesterday I did about 10 miles with only 1 mile of range left, driving to a charge point, the range output on the pug seems to be based on a best guess scenario.

This will be my first EV I’ve previously had ICE and then most recently a hybrid. So slowly making the conversion lol. I see a lot of numbers posted about charging and quite honestly it baffles me!! I understand the range is effected by the cold weather and fortunately I don’t ever have very far to go :joy:… I’m fortunate enough living on the London/Kent border to be surrounded by charging points too.

I’ve read about the infotainment, I’m sure that’ll make me feel old. Is the driving position as bad as the reviews say? Also, did they stop sending out keys or are they still coming with them?

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Another yellow e-208 driver here! What colour did you pick? Keys are still being sent out as far as I know.

The dashboard is best viewed above the small steering wheel. So it very much depends on your height as to whether this works for you. I visited a Pug dealer and checked this out before swapping from a Zoe. Obviously you’re not able to do this. The car has seat height adjustment and the wheel has height and reach adjustment so you should be ok.


I went for pearl white, my previous car was black and the one before grey and I was worried the brighter colours would be too in your face… however I saw a blue one yesterday and I’m mistaken they look lovely! Never seen a yellow one in real life though!

I’m quite tall, 5ft11 so I don’t know if that’s good lol? Silly question but does the car come with a manual?? :older_woman:t2:

Shiny blue all the way :laughing:

Some people don’t like that it doesn’t have built-in sat nav, but if you’re used to connecting an apple/android phone then that’s not an issue.

The real world range and the range displayed by the GOM are probably the biggest drawbacks.

Slight annoyance that you have to select Eco drive mode every time and that (at least for me!) the heating/ac settings reset every time. Come to think of it, maybe the two things are linked…

Not in my experience. But you can read online here: http://public.servicebox.peugeot.com/APddb/modeles/208.p2/eGuide_p21_ed01-19/pdfs/9999_9999_287_en-GB.pdf

The blue was a real head turner!!

Yes used to having to connect my phone so definitely not an issue there. I actually find it’s better than the software some cars come with!

I’ve read alot of negativity about the range!

Is eco mode the same for anyone else? I wonder why that is.

Thankyou for the link I’ll have a read through when I get a minutes peace and quiet!!

Well I’m planning a visit to check out an Ionity charger later. Either Cobham or Maidstone. If you want to meet up there, or on the way, you could have that pleasure!

Love the 208… really nice to drive, looks great the only two downsides is i can’t get andriod auto to work at all (so no satnav) and the range is shocking and really unpredictable… the most range anxiety EVER…
but its being collected Wednesday
No point having it sit on the drive during lockdown 3.0…

If you put car in eco mode watch out the heating will not work very well at all. It limited mine to the point I couldn’t use eco mode.
The range wasn’t best which is one of the factors of me swopping it to a kona.
The, car itself was lovely to drive and once you get used to set up it’s a breeze

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I’m looking forward to your comments on the differences between the Kona and e-208.

I think overall the zoe was a, better all round package than the 208 and I’ll certainly be feeding back on the kona


Hopefully the Kona will combine the good points of the Zoe with the strengths of the e-208!


Good points of the Zoe??? Erm…

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Large screen
SatNav in dashboard screen
Automatic parking brake
Three phase AC charging
Large boot for this size car
Charging port at nose

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Having used both, Kona is clearly the better car. You will get roughly double the range with it. Kona has much better information available for the EV system. It will use sat nav for range estimation and tells you how much is going to heating vs. driving. If the current Kona still suffers from coldgate, then charging is a point for the e-208.


I’ll give you that one

I kept having issues with the navigation, much better experience with Android Auto / Waze TBH

erm… Not really a huge perk, the bezel is huge, it shrinks the screen in Android Auto (PiP type of layout) and even watching movies while charging, you get a bigger picture on a smartphone

As “TomTom”, plus I frequently ended up with it being “stuck” or “loading” most of the time, especially if you went off route

It’s not “Auto Parking Brake”, it’s more of a hill hold. VW’s have “Auto Park Brake” and it applies the handbrake, the Zoe is the same as holding your foot on the brake pedal, and the high intensity LED brake lights blind whoever is behind you.

… When it works! I only used 3 22kw chargers, 2 of them were a no-go and kept getting “BCI”

Wouldn’t say it was that large, but fair enough

I’d put that down as a negative. I prefer reverse parking, it can be a pain in the backside reversing out of a bay, the Zoe has quite a lot of “Blind Spots” too.