E208 to Ioniq

Hello fellow… Ontoites (what’s the proper demonym for us lot :joy:?).

For about 6 months I was a proud user of the Peugeot E208 GT line. I was lucky enough to get a brand new example, which was a plus. Needless to say I was pretty pleased with my first EV - I loved the design, the interior and much more relaxed driving experience that an EV has.

For those of you interested in getting the E208, here are some thoughts from me. Keep in mind I’m quite young, don’t have children and live in London, so your mileage may vary:


  • great exterior design; my E208 was black and it looked stunning with the daytime running lights on
  • comfortable and sporty seats
  • 3D cockpit display is a wow-factor
  • love the physical controls for main functions (AC, central locking etc)
  • charges really fast up to 40-50% (if you go to a 100KW charger and your battery has the right temperature, otherwise it’s rubbish)
  • feels quite sporty with the hard suspension, small steering wheel and generally low to the ground position
  • decent boot for the type of car
  • auto high beam assist should be standard on all new vehicles
  • front and rear parking sensors + top-view camera are useful when you least expect

Not so good:

  • I’m 6’2 (1.88m) tall with quite long legs and I couldn’t get 100% comfortable with a clear view of the cockpit display. To actually be comfy, I’d have to live with an obstructed view which was very annoying to me.
  • Mileage on the motorway (70mph on CC) is pretty bad, in perfect weather conditions (20C, no aircon) I never got more than 130 miles
  • However cool the 3D cockpit display is, the functionality is pretty limited. For example, I would’ve loved to be able to see what song was playing when using Apple Carplay on it. It is pretty functional, but I’d say it’s slightly more form than function. They could’ve done more.
  • Infotainment system is laggy and I found it generally dated and hard to use.
  • Backseat passengers better not have legs
  • During the peak of summer it wouldn’t charge at more than 35KW even when at 15%.
  • Regen breaking will stop at 3mph so you can’t really drive it with one pedal.

Because I wanted to spend a bit less money on my car and also try something different / more spacious, I decided to swap my E208 for an Ioniq. Guess what - I was lucky the second time too and got a brand new 71-plate in Blue! Truth be told… I am so happy with the change, this feels like a much better car overall although moving from the 208 there are some compromises.


  • Space, space, space. It feels so airy and backseat passengers can bring their legs with them again!
  • Practicality is awesome - love the wireless phone charging and the storage cubbies
  • Infotainment system is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Feels like it’s made in 2021.
  • Digital cockpit display is super functional, also displays the playing song
  • Paddles for setting regen level and regen breaking to stand-still? PLEASE AND THANK YOU
  • It’s very easy to get comfortable in the driver’s seat. And even though the seat itself has less lateral support compared to the Pug, I do feel more comfortable overall.
  • Surprisingly, city range seems to be the same if not better than the E208. The real test will be the motorway though - coming soon.
  • Auto-hold at traffic lights… no-brainer
  • Driver only mode for climate control? Genius, really.
  • Super relaxing to drive - quiet, refined, easy.

Not so good:

  • Looks… I mean, yes, this is subjective, but the Ioniq is not a very pleasant sight.
  • Rear visibility is… poopish. And I feel like a rear wiper would’ve been useful.
  • Steering wheel is a bit thin for my taste. I’m not a fan of thick BMW-style wheels, but this is at the opposite extreme. I do like the shape and size though and also the on-wheel controls are good.
  • Not very fun to drive. Feedback is lacking and it certainly doesn’t feel as nippy as the Pug.
  • No front parking sensors
  • No blind-spot monitoring? Come on, it’s a 30k+ car with heated seats, this is a bit cheeky.
  • Slow(er) charging for 2021, but can live with that personally.
  • And living in London, most people will think I’m their Uber :joy:

Overall I’m very happy with my choice and look forward to my time with the Ioniq. I should also mention that my entire experience with Onto has been absolutely perfect and I’m impressed with how easy having a car can be.


Interesting insights into two cars I haven’t tried, thanks🙂

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Good comparison! I’ve considered the Ioniq a few times but I don’t think I can live with the looks of the facelifted car (sorry!) - I quite liked the original though and it had the benefit of not being quite so popular with Uber drivers!

Would be interested to hear how you are getting on after a month or two!

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Same, I really could not get it in white as i’d get flagged down for a taxi all the time I’m sure, I think I could live with the intense blue.

I love my Ioniq in Phantom Black, it looks good…

@RaduG just wait until you start seeing the efficiency ranges, i have been getting up to 6.3/KwH per trip and in the 400miles ive done its at 5.1/KwH



Great comparison. The Ioniq sounds a lot like the Zoe. Has anyone had both to do a similar comparison?

The Ioniq and Zoe are quite similar in terms of how they perform, in terms of range, rapid charging speeds and the like too. The Hyundai will feel a little better equipped however. The Korean brands like Hyundai like to throw a lot of features in to their cars as standard so you’ll have more equipment. Obviously you also have a lot more space in the Ioniq over the Zoe as well.

It’s well worth the extra £20-30 for the Ioniq. Although if you like the Ioniq it’s a bit of a gateway drug that will have you wanting to make the much more expensive upgrade to the Kona shortly afterwards for all the improvements that it offers.

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Have to agree…

The boss is quite surprised when the new agreement came through I didn’t swap to a different car, but for the money the Ioniq is a steal… and is the Kona Premium worth an extra £150 ??

The Kona has 75-80kW rapid charge speeds, a 64kWh battery with amazing range, and more features like leather seats that are both heated and cooled, a head-up display, full highway drive assist and a few other features too. Its a smaller car overall, but definitely more capable and with more features.

Depending on your needs, it can be well worth the money.

I was driving both the Kona and Ioniq yesterday and personally prefer the Kona.

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I’m probably very lucky living in the lakes that we don’t have Uber or taxis for that matter so I’m extremely happy with my white ioniq. Not many others in the fleet can fit 2 adults, 3 kids and all the stuff they need :+1:

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You are for sure. Just come back from a week hols. Saw a few EV’s whilst out and about. Tesla M3’s, some i3’s, a mini and MG’s.

Definitely starting to see more and more around. One of the local VW dealers has even installed some chargers but I’m not sure if anyone can use them or not. Question for the forum I guess …do other dealerships allow anyone to use the chargers? The bays are marked up for ev only.

Nope it will be for their customers only, as well as charging and testing vehicles they are selling.

You may get away with an emergency charge as a one off thing, but you wouldn’t be welcome to charge regularly, especially in a non-VW car.


Meant to comment on an oddity whilst in the Lakes.
When the weather changed, Tstorms approaching, I had several ‘Welcome to the Isle of Man’ text mesgs. :thinking: Do love the way atmospherics affect technology.


After a couple of weeks I’m back with more thoughts.

I really like the Ioniq. It’s very relaxing to drive on the motorway thanks to the automatic cruise control, and it genuinely is a very refined car. So far I’ve averaged 4.7m/kwh on a mix of about 70% motorway and 30% London which I find great given that I never tried to drive economically.

The biggest issue I have with the car however is the abysmal charging speeds it gets. I’m now sitting at a 50kw charger with 32% charge filling up at… 32kw. The most I got is 41kw. That’s not great, and the E208 definitely has the edge here.

Will I keep it? For now, yes. The alternative of course is the Zoe but apart from range and charge speed I believe that is a worse car in every aspect.

It’s not really advisable because you’re blocking them for cars that can actually use them, but if you come across higher power chargers (more than 50kW) you’ll get closer to 50kW charge speeds out of the Ioniq.

The only other option is the Kona which not only has a bigger battery but also has faster charging at 75kW or so. Obviously this is significantly more expensive per month though, so may be difficult to justify depending on your use.

As for the Zoe, you’ll definitely notice it if you’re coming down from a Hyundai. They are full of features, and you’ll be missing a lot if you go down to one of them.

Great and accurate feedback on the IONIQ. I’m very happy with mine: it’s spacious, practical and great to drive!

But being mistaken for an UBER is real. A couple of (seemingly drunk) women tried to get into my car this evening. Thankfully I saw them coming towards my car and I locked it!

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I wouldn’t be too quick to suggest that the Zoe is a worse car compared to the two outright . I’m in a Zoe community on FB and most of us are getting 230 miles from a full charge and reviews wise the Zoe is typically ranked as a top 3 small electric car overall . It’s almost like a whole package just a small package , but for space the Ioniq for sure has the edge and for a hot-hatch style the E208 .

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My thought was that while the Zoe has objectively the better battery and charging, the interior is arguably less refined and it does feel like a lower cost car. I say this having driven one a few months ago. Given that the Ioniq is £419, I think the Zoe would have to be around £350 for me to be interested. But I guess it all depends what you want from the car, I can live with both the range and the disappointing charging of the Hyundai.

Not sure I understand the disappointing charging time

My Ioniq is usually done charging to 80% long before im ready on the InstaVolts near me… take yesterday for example…

The boss was working till 10pm so I went for a coffee and to top up the car…

Get to the Charger, plug in, walked to Costa, waited in then long queue for my Hot Chocolate and a Slice of Cake, sat down to drink it checked app it was already flying along, checked 15minutes later after only half a hot chocolate and nice piece of cheap cake from Costa, car was at 77% so by time I had finished and got back to the Ioniq it was at 83% (i know naughty me, but the Tesla next to me plugged in after me was at 85%)…

The efficency of the Ioniq is amazing,

This is mine today… all country road driving in the Peak District…