E208 or Zoe Gt135

Hi ONTO community!

I have just created an account with ONTO and can’t decide between Zoe or e208 GT.
I was going to go for IONIQ but it seems like it’s not available at the moment.

Anybody has experience with both or either and could recommend?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Zoe has better range 208 is more fun to drive and charges faster I have had both and the i3

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As above, the e-208 has terrible range and efficiency. The Zoe is one of the better ones in that sense.
Zoe will charge faster on AC, but the Peugeot will charge faster on DC… So it depends what is available in your area and how you will be charging.

In my opinion, with the Zoe you are getting more range for less money, and I would definitely recommend it for that reason.

Remember too that you can swap at any time, so if you decide Zoe isn’t for you, for less than £50 you can always go to the e-208, or the Ioniq when one becomes available.

Thanks @Koda, very useful!

Basically had similar thinking that the beauty of this service allows me to swap to something else. I have gone with Zoe GT for my first month to see how it goes as 208 GT wasn’t available soon enough :slight_smile:

Yeah, the e-208 GT is now just on pre-orders for mid-May when they get the next batch of new cars delivered and added to the fleet. Any e-208’s you see before that will just be odd ones that have been returned by other subscribers and get booked out as quickly as they come back in. The Zoe is one of the few cars that will always be in stock since Onto ordered 1100 of them, with more and more constantly being delivered.

You’ve joined at a time where Onto are not only rapidly expanding, but existing members who gave up their cars during lockdown are putting in orders to get them back as lockdown eases. Hopefully you are able to find the Ioniq or something brand new that interests you in the coming months as they get back on top of demand again.

@Koda what is this hatred for the e-208 that you’re harbouring? Let it go man, just let it go.

Terrible range compared to what? A Zoe ZE40? An i3? A Hyundai Ioniq? A DS3 Crossover?

It has a 45kWh battery shoehorned into a chassis that also takes a petrol or Diesel engine. It does better than the Mini Electric, Honda E and soon to be launched Fiat 500e. And worse than others such as the Tesla Model S Long Range (Oh, but that does pretty much better than anything)


After playing with the Corsa it’s just left me feeling really disappointed. It feels like a backwards step in the EV world and to me makes no sense at all why people would pay more each month for something that just seems so much worse.

There’s just no excuse for efficiency this bad in 2021 when all the competition seems to be making better use of the energy. (I admit I used the ‘terrible range’ term incorrectly. Other cars do have smaller batteries and less range as you pointed out, but you expect that more with a smaller city car with smaller battery. These PSA Cars just feel like that are made to disappoint)

I tried to like it by giving one a try for a week but I ultimately came out the other side hating it more… If it helps though at least I don’t exclusively dislike the e-208 but rather the current EV Offering from PSA as a whole - They need to take electric more seriously in order to survive imo.

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I agree, but it is their first attempt and I don’t believe their vehicles are seriously flawed. They must do better though, and hopefully will now they are part of Stellantis, with larger resources.

Tell me though, if the Corsa e had a solid 200 mile range, summer and winter, would your opinion of the vehicle as a whole change?

If it could match the range of the Zoe or do even better, beat it then I wouldn’t sit here calling it a crap EV. I’d accept it for what it is and wouldn’t hesitate to tell people interested in the car to go ahead with booking one.

BUT I still wouldn’t have one myself. I’m still not really a fan of the car and aside from the ability to rapid charge at a faster speed, other models meet my personal needs and preferences better.

Because if you aren’t going to do more than 120 miles in one go on a regular basis, range and efficiency don’t really matter. To me it would make little sense for most people who hardly ever drive further (or if you do drive further regularly but that route has plenty of 100kW+ chargers) to prioritise range and efficiency over the other stuff that just makes a good car a good car.

The e208 is a backwards step a little perhaps in terms of efficiency, but forwards perhaps in terms of being an EV that is desirable whilst being conventional, and which drives well whilst still offering decent range and good charging.

We’ve had the i3 which was marmite - very desirable to some, but very unconventional, and drove well in many respects, but was quite flawed in some other respects.

And the Zoe, which let’s be honest is not really a desirable car, and doesn’t really drive well.

The Mini and Honda, and perhaps the MX-30 are desirable and drive well, but are less capable as EVs than the e208.

The Ioniq is a decent EV (arguably the original is better now that more 100kW+ chargers are popping up) but, around London at least, it seems to be mostly desired by Uber drivers!

My general point is, the EV specific qualities of an electric car are only part of the overall picture.

Hopefully sometime soon the manufacturers making desirable EVs will learn how to make cars that are excellent at being electric cars…and hopefully the manufacturers making excellent electric cars will learn how to make them more desirable. (I’m talking about the low-mid price brackets here, as arguably there are already a few desirable EVs that are also excellent electric cars in the higher price brackets).

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This is my point. You didn’t like the Corsa, period. I personally wouldn’t choose one either. You loved your Ion though, despite it’s shortcomings.

I like the style of Peugeot superminis (with a few exceptions) and have had a 205 and 206. As soon as I saw the e-208 at Fully Charged Live 2019 I said to myself, and to the evezy team that were at the show, that I’d love to drive this vehicle. Had to wait a while, but I eventually got one.

Is the range disappointing? Yes, especially in winter, but I’m hopeful of a reasonable improvement as temperatures rise. Am I prepared to forgive it that? Yes, because most of my journeys are urban, and I now have a charging point opposite the house.

How about longer journeys? Time will tell as we’re allowed to go further afield. As infrastructure improves, particularly when there are plenty of strategically placed HPCs, the e-208’s charging speed may well make up for it’s deficiency in the range department.

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The e 208 was the best car I’ve had but range let it Down 2nds was i3 and third the zoe and 4th the ionic I have now just feels cheap but very good range but ridiculously slow charging if 208 had range of ionic I’d snap it right up lovely cars to drive


No, but if the range was there I’d view it more along the lines of the opinion I hold of the i3. Its a competent EV that has its own pros and cons, but it simply isn’t for me and my day to day needs. Just because I don’t like a car generally isn’t a reason for me to tell others to think twice before getting one. I can see the appeal of the i3. I simply can’t with these (although I respect that some others here clearly do)

You’re right though. I don’t especially like the corsa in general but was willing to give it a chance. I’m just saying it takes a bit more than that to push my dislike to borderline hatred.

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Yes, I had a Corsa ICE courtesy car and pretty much hated it, mostly due to drivetrain obviously, but also just because it was so bland inside especially, and the ride & handling were not great. The 208 is a different proposition though to the Corsa (including the electric version), despite being built on the same platform. Stylish inside and out, and better ride & handling according to the write ups. Those aspects make a difference I think in how you sort of judge a car overall, as if a car has personality, style, a bit of flair, drives well, or just that certain something, then you’re perhaps more likely to forgive the downsides. If it’s just a bland small car then aspects like the less than stellar efficiency probably stand out more.

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A few reviews / head-to-heads the OP may find helpful:

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That just about sums it up perfectly! Thank goodness @BillN is coming onboard. This “battle” was starting to wear me out :wink:

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I just think we’re probably just about at the stage now where EVs don’t just have to be compared on spreadsheets, especially with more chargers going in every day.

CAR magasine have such lovely photos.

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