E208 or e corsa?

Wondering if anyone can help me decide haha I had a Zoe but gave it back for a month due to going abroad looking at getting another car by the end of the month but stuck on either the e208 or the Corsa e ,was hoping those who have either of the cars could possibly give me the pros n cons?

Just go for the 208 if you can get a GT Model. It’s cheaper but ultimately it’s the same car as the Corsa underneath.

The Peugeot is slightly nicer to drive. The Vauxhall is slightly more ‘normal’ inside with more traditional controls for things like the HVAC and infotainment system. Otherwise very little difference.

Is there anything about the Zoe that put you off returning to another one of them? If you can share your thoughts on that car it can help us to steer you towards your next car depending upon what you liked/disliked about it.

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I liked the Zoe I’ve had one more or less since joining last year minus a month of ionic and another with a ec4 I just feel like I wanted a change the Zoe I find quite claustrophobic at times with how closed in the front seats feel

That’s an interesting comment I haven’t heard before. I don’t personally find the Zoe to be any more or less enclosed than any of the other models you are considering here. If anything the Zoe feels more open to me with the fact that it’s a little bit taller!

It’s a shame that the BMW i3 is no longer in the fleet as you would have loved just how open the interior of that model was. The nearest to that in the Onto lineup these days is the Volkswagen ID.3 but I appreciate that’s going to be pushing the pricing even higher.

Putting aside the concerns about how spacious the interior feels, I think I would personally be going for the 208 GT if you can find one in stock, or the Corsa if you can’t.

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