E208 heating problem

Hello everyone,
I received my new e208 GT yesterday but I’ve been having problems with the heating always blowing cold even when on the max temperature.
Is this me doing something wrong? or do I need to speak to onto.
Desperate for some heat in these temperature.
Please help.

Is this a brand new car or slightly used?
Are you in normal drive or eco mode?
Eco often cripples climate control in most cars.
What climate settings do you have? Auto is best with normal drive mode.
Others who have a e208 will respond soon with other advice, but it might be it’s faulty, however did the delivery driver say anything about it being cold?

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This was new only had 33 miles on the clock.
The driver didn’t mention it.
I’ve only had it in eco so this could be the reason I will check it out.
Thanks for the advice.


I’ve been quite impressed with how well the HVAC system works. Really warm air really quickly. Been preconditioning now temperatures have dropped. Great to get into a warm car at 4am.

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Try in normal and not eco. Doesn’t get very warm when eco is on.

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I find the heating and AC is VERY VERY limited in Eco mode but perfect in normal or sport, to be honest, the benefits of Eco mode in this temperature, you’ll find the range in normal is terrible but in Eco its marginally less terrible but still terrible so just drive in normal and keep warm and charge more, my view is there is no point being uncomfortable when it cost ZERO to charge more.


Yes…eco mode does not come with climate control lol! I found this out after day 2 with my e208. I was freezing driving to work and couldn’t understand why…as it had been lovely and warm within minutes of setting off from the house…after ranting in the car that there was obviously a fault…I noticed that on switching to eco mode a message comes up telling you that climate control is not available. I now just really have it on normal periodically and find the car still feels warm in eco for a while after switching back

It’s the eco mode! Which is a problem when you Want to get the maximum miles out of an already terrible winter range, but can’t because it means you’ll freeze in the car! Only solution is standard mode and enjoy the maximum 100 mile range in winter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @SteveLax

In Eco mode, the E-208 restricts anything which is likely to cause increased battery usage. Unfortunately this does include hot air and it will also limit the vehicle to 60mph on motorways

I previously had an E-208 and I would recommend putting it into “Normal mode” as this will enable the vehicle to drive at higher speed limits and will also give you full function of the heating controls with not much difference in range compared to Eco mode.

I hope this helps! any questions let me know


Just got my e208 gt today and been driving on eco mode freezing with temp on high! I will start driving in normal now i guess. Thanks!

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As you discovered, eco severely limits the HVAC system. Only use this mode if you’re dangerously low on range and need to eek out every mile.

The received wisdom is to select your desired temperature, use auto and AC and leave it to do it’s job.