E208 GT, my thoughts

I am on my 3rd ONTO car now, had a Zoe, ID3 Life and now the e208GT. Coming to the end of my month with it and can say it has been pleasantly surprising. it has it good points and its little quirks but on the whole not bad.

I had it in pearlescent white and it looks great with the black roof and black tailgate. The lions claw style front lights which follows down through the front bumper look amazing next to that grill with the blue tinted Peugeot Lion.

Nice design wheels which are not too dissimilar from its relative the e Corsa.

The small steering wheel is great fun and it kind of reminds me of the fairground dodgems… push the pedal, turn the wheel.

The 3D cockpit takes a little bit of getting used to and you can turn it off to a simple flat view if needed. Rear view camera isn’t much good though. Gets dirt quickly and is pretty much ineffective.

Boot space is average, enough for my charging cables and a couple of bags of shopping but if you want to carry anything bigger then the back seats will need to fold down. I was volunteering for lead bike at Parkrun last Saturday, only just got my bike in with both wheels removed and the front passengers seat moved as far forward as it would go.

Anyway, back that 3D cockpit, I am 6ft 3 and could not actually adjust the steering wheel or seat position to a place where I could clearly see it all. I had to look over the top of the steering wheel to see it, or crouch down a bit to see through it.

The car handles really well and is quick off the mark, it makes for a fun drive as long as its in normal or sport mode. Eco mode cuts the power to both the motor and the heater.

This brings me to what I feel is the worst part of the 208 for me which is the range.

I am not enjoying the fast depleting range, last Saturday for example saw me use 140 miles worth of battery for a 40 mile round trip. I didn’t hammer it… just kept to and under the speed limits… 7 degrees c meant I had to have the heater on. The 208 does not like this at all. This is the first EV that has given me range anxiety.

Anyway, if you just need something for a few local trips that’s fun to drive and great to look at this is the car for you.

I have scheduled a swap back to an ID3 family as for me this has everything I need in a an EV.


Do you mean the car gave a range of 140 miles, but you actually only got 40 miles worth?

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Thank you for this. I thought it was just me. I have been driving EVs for over 7 years. I started with a Nissan Leaf in 2014. I have been with Onto for 16 months. I have had the Peugeot from May. I have already called in for a service because I am not getting the stated range at all : (

I love my 208 GT, Faro Yellow, and once my flappy electric mirrors were sorted it’s been a great little car, we jave done some 100mile plus trips and the car has been fine - main issue has been reliable working chargers on said trips, but that isn’t the cars fault.

The challenge of course as with all these stellantis platform vehicles is the range, had the range been better and the guess-o-meter been more accurate then the unexpected need to charge wouldn’t arise and we wouldn’t have fallen foul of non-working pulse chargers…

But I do love it and I can’t see anything that would get me to change vehicle in sub £500 price range right now…


This is actually by design- you’re actually meant to look ‘over’ the wheel to the cockpit display and its part of the reason the e208 has a smaller steering wheel.


Trouble is it doesn’t suit many peoples physique and once they have found the correct driving position it’s obscured. The design is flawed and they should have made the dashboard display move with the steering wheel and then it would have suited nearly everyone.
I do like the looks of the Pug, but that single element put me off having one.


A service isn’t going to help that, better off swapping cars. PSA cars are known for having useless range guess-o-metres

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I mean a 40 miles journey showed a use of 140 miles worth of battery range…

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great little car. On the whole a solid subscription option. For me though not quite suitable but you don’t know until you try them which is the beauty of this ONTO subscription model. Would I be happy if I had just signed up to a 3 year lease for it, definitely not. This gives us the chance to use these cars a little more than the usual 10 minute test drive from the dealership and we learn the good and bad points over time. For me in this instance the little annoyances have made me want to swap it. If the design of the peering over the steering wheel was deliberate then I really do not understand why. you should not need to be craning your neck to see what speed you are doing, just a glance should suffice. The range guess-o-meter is the biggest deal breaker for me, too unreliable.


Oh wow yeah that’s off by quite a bit. The range the car quotes will never be 100% accurate especially in the Winter, but I’d expect if your car says 140 mile range you’d get around 100 if not more

I did a 30 mile journey this morning, range start at 220 (in ECO mode) and ended at 140, so 80 miles reduced in just 30 miles, 50-60 mph journey taking it easy in ECO, I think its going to be a costly car for ONTO to recharge this winter!


Did you have climate control on and anything else that may have zapped a lot of the miles?

I 100% did, but I am in no way moaning as I accept the e-208 is well known not to be as efficient as some other EV’s, on the other hand, if I had to pay for charging I wouldn’t keep the e-208 I’d have a Zoe ZE50 instead which is much more bang for buck on range but since ONTO are picking up the charging bill I’m going to sit in the comfort of AC to get from A to B.


I have the e2008 and love the car but completely agree that the range is awful and very unpredictable

I am now awaiting delivery of ID3 Family at end of the month


That’s disappointing. I thought if ONTO ever ask for my Ioniq back I’d go for the 2008 but if the range is pants then I’d probably put up with a Zoe… Well, maybe. Maybe the C4 would be an option

You’ll have the same issue with that too. Underneath it’s the same car pretty much as as the peugeots


As @ajames says it’s basically the same car rebranded, same battery and running gear, you’d be better off with a ID.3 or Kona if the poor range bothers you, luckily we’ve got rid of our offices so I’m back to 100% WFH until we reassess after xmas so the e-208 range doesn’t bother me, I like the looks and comfort but if we go back to having an office (doubtful) I would look at changing to a Kona myself, for now I’ll save the pennies.


Agree, 208, 2008, Corsa, Citroen, so many shared the platform and will probably regret doing so in the long term. As good as the 208 is the range will be its downfall. When you start your journey with a range showing 212 miles then 5 minutes down the road you are down to 180 you know that is going to be an issue. Unlucky for me there is only one localish ONTO paid for charger, everything else comes out of my own pocket for this. a 40 mile round trip and my range has lost 140 miles from the starting 212 is kind of scary.

Any prospective customer wanting to move from ICE to EV will be put off by a car that cant even achieve 150 miles as they will expect to jump in the car on a cold day, heater on and drive the way they would in their ICE. We old die hard EV drivers know that this is not the way in an EV hence the inclusion of heated seats and steering wheels but I doubt people will be swayed by the fact that they will need to drive their cars with thermals, gloves and bobble hat on so as not to deplete the battery. My heater is on enough to keep the condense from the windscreen and that is all. I am hoping my ID3 arrives before the Brecon Beacons weather arrives in all its usual glory lol.

I have a drive from Mid Wales to Southampton this coming Sunday. I am having to allow 2 extra hours for recharging as I doubt I will get there in under 3 recharges at this rate. my ID3 used to do it in one drive no stops. I will report back on this next week lol


Yeah I had a e-208 previously which I loved, but now have an ID3 as I just couldn’t be bothered with the range anxiety during winter.

I’ve got a 300 mile round trip end of this month and in January a 500 mile round trip, will be the true test of the Ioniq for me. Right now I think I can comfortably get 150+ miles from a full battery, but the temperature has stayed fairly mild other than the odd early morning start

If ONTO did take my Ioniq I’d probably go with the Kona but it’s a jump up in cost and a smaller boot.

As for charging, right now I’m 3 or so miles from a bank of BP rapid chargers that are reliable, but I’m moving soon and will be further from any until Geniepoint gets added to Shell Recharge.

Edit: I think getting into the swing of charging and learning how accurate (or not) your cars GOM is will put off a lot of first time EV owners. I did a lot of research beforehand so know to know off 25-50% from the WLTP range in the Winter and such but the masses don’t want the faff and like you say, will want to drive an EV how they do their ICE