E208 GT headlights

Came out the supermarket and the cars passenger headlights were all on full but driver was off! Bit confused what it means as neither were on when left. When I pressed to unlock the doors they opened but nothing flashed. The middle button lit up all the lights then went back to just passenger.

Everythings working fine but I was in an empty ASDA carpark so was thinking maybe it was trying to tell me something like maybe someone had tried the passenger door?! Any ideas…

Hopefully doesn’t go on again in middle of night and drain battery - might have just came on when I was close enough with key, unsure as wasn’t parked too far from shop door!

You hadn’t left the indicator on? Traditionally on some cars a sidelight stays on if you do so.


Was it the same at the back, with rear lights on, but only one side?


Inidicator was off. Maybe turned the engine off in the middle of something. Would have noticed if light was on when leaving though as have habit of looking back a couple of times. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Didn’t check the rear. Went inside and started the engine to see if said anthing then did a walk around. Hopefully just a one off. I have an appointment with Peugeot in a couple weeks about electrical traction errors so will double check with them assuming it was just a one off.

Just monitor it. Hopefully just an isolated glitch. French auto electrics strike again!


Only assumed possibly to do with someone trying door as left a bunch of stuff on passenger seat as shop was closing lol :crazy_face:

Yeh I’ve had a couple of errors about electrical traction recently too saying repair needed and today about tyre pressure. Maybe not used to the hot temperatures yet lol

Before retiring, I usually double check the car is locked by trying the passenger door. Never noticed any lights coming on.

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Was thinking maybe if key wasn’t nearby but then if the alarm was triggered it is supposed to flash a few extra times when you unlock door. Hopefully just a glitch, first and last time! :crossed_fingers:

Do you know if Peugeot (Arnold Clark) update the software when booked in for a repair or is that down to me to sort out with USB. Didn’t really want to do it case changed anything but have app and courtesy car booked for 21st for electrical tractions warnings.

I’d clear it with ONTO and get everything done you can while it’s at the dealership. You could ring them directly and ask if there are any outstanding updates for your vehicle. There was one issue related to charging, and another one is the service reminder activating too early. This may have affected earlier models only though.

Thanks, will give them a call. Car was saying updates due on delivery so must not leave factory with latest or maybe sat around for some time. Everything was in French too to begin with :sweat_smile: