E208 does not work!

I’m struggling with Onto customer service so I though maybe I would post here in the hope that I might be able to get it resolved.

For the past 2 weeks my Peugeot e208 has not worked. some of the time I get in and various faults come up - 'battery fault stop the vehicle, ‘brake fault stop the vehicle’ etc - I can either choose to stop the vehicle and not have a car, or drive around hoping that none of these cause any major safety issues. other times I get in the car it does not start at all, I can’t put into drive, nothing, so I have no choice but to not have a car. driveline have come out a few times and manage to get it working for a few hours but then it happens again.


I have you to replace the car and its been 2 weeks now. it is booked in to get looked at on the 17th aug, so what do I do until then? drive around a non roadworthy car? this car should not be on the road!

please replace the vehicle for me. you managed to take out the money for next months subscription but you’re unable to give me a car that works?

Paging wizard @Adam_at_Onto

@cardd Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Peugeot. I’m tagging @Hena_at_Onto (who @Kev is the real wizard) to follow up on how we can get this resolved.


When I had an issue with my sadly missed e208 (and it has only been 3 hours lol). It would not start, then it started intermittently then not at all. It was to do with…the finger actuator…yes a real phrase. It is tge little button on the right had side of the gear stick thst outs it into drive etc. It took a week to get the part but it ran perfectly after that

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