E208 Charging

I’ve only used a few, but I’ve had 48-50kW on Instavolt when warm, although closer to 40kW on occasion (when I would have expected >50 on a HPC).

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Yes, I’m happily running down to single figures SoC, but a word of warning: Tronity is not infallible (and neither is the Peugeot telemetry, on which it relies). Don’t get caught out by stale SoC data - a couple of times I’ve seen the forecast SoC in Tronity rise and it’s because current SoC hasn’t updated recently.

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:+1: Yeah - I’ve sort of already made a mental note to try and quickly sense check any app derived SoC against the dash fuel gauge.

Has anyone figured out the logic behind the mph charging speed calculation?

ie. is it based on a fixed mi/kWh efficiency value, or a variable one depending on recent driving?

ie. when you charge on a charger that is a stable, known quantity (eg your home charger) does the mph reading vary - eg. is it higher if you’ve just done lots of efficient urban driving, and lower if you’ve just completed a high speed motorway trip?

Or does it always seem to given you the same mph on a charger where the actual power being delivered is consistent, regardless of recent driving?


I must say I’ve noticed this number being completely nonsensical. I’ve seen mine at 136mph, 36mph and sometimes showing nothing at all haha.

One thing we can probably be sure of is it is not mph in place of kWh as I have never been to a charger over 50kWh but have seen 130+mph in the Peugeot app.

I think it is based on recent driving speeds, I wish I checked it more often and when I drove to Birchington on Sunday as I probably could’ve figured this out for sure but it looks as though it is based on recent driving only and not the charging speeds.

I charge at home via 3 pin (so about 2kW actually reaching the battery) and it alternates between either 3mph or 8mph in the app (during the same charging session) but tends to be on 8mph most of the time.

And then at an Ionity charger when the charger was saying 75kW was being delivered, the car was reading 310mph.

310mph / 75kW ≈ 4mi/kWh

8mph / 2 kW = 4mi/kWh

I need to try and remember to take a note of some more data point when next using a charger with a power output display, but I’m wondering if it maybe uses a fixed efficiency figure of around 4mi/kWh and then produces a mph charging speed based just on the kW power being received by the battery.

Would be nice to know for sure though how it works as then you could understand more easily if a charger and your battery is performing as it ought to be.